How To Frame Antique Maps

Rare and antique maps can be fantastic decorations in a home.  You can choose to hang it in your home study, hallway, or den.  Hanging it in an office would be fantastic as well.  However, before you are able to hang these vintage pieces, you will need to frame it.  Framing an antique map and a photo or picture is pretty much the same.  There is no special process for both except that an antique map is more fragile and can be damaged by the oils on our hands.  If you want to frame your favorite antique map, then here are some tips on how to do it.

Bring it to a professional framer.  The easiest way to get your antique map framed is by bringing it to an expert.  These people know the ins and outs of framing including how to frame fragile artwork like your antique map.  Now this idea can cost quite a lot so be prepared to shell out some serious dough especially if the frame you choose is an antique in its own right.  In any case, if you have the budget for it, go for it.  If the professional framer is good, he will handle the map with care when framing it.  He will wear plastic gloves or use tweezers to handle the map.  Make sure he uses a glass cover to protect the map when framed.

Consider doing it yourself.  Framing the map yourself is pretty simple and can save you some dough compared to having it professionally framed.  Anyway, if this is your cup of tea, then you will need to purchase some materials at your local frame supply store.  Bring the map with your or take its measurements.  Purchase a matte board based on the dimensions of the map.  Make sure that map will fit cleanly along the opening of the matte board while still showing all of the important parts in the map.  At the same time, purchase a glass cover with the same dimensions of the matte board.  Finally, purchase the frame.  You can opt for a wooden, metal, or plastic frame.  However, it may be better to use wood since the map in itself is an antique and a wooden frame would probably enhance its vintage theme.

Touch up the map.  Before proceeding with the framing, make sure to repair and restore the antique map.  You may want to bring it to an expert artwork restorer for a quick touch up.

Insert the map onto the board.  Once the restoration is complete, your next step is to prepare the materials for framing.  Place the map on top of the board and insert the edges of the map into the folds of the matte board.  Spray some liquid adhesive or apply archival tape on the matte opening to ensure that the map is secure and will stay regardless of external tampering.  Once that is done, place the glass cover on top of the board and map.

Frame the map.  Once the map, board, and glass cover is combined into one single component, start inserting its edges along the frame in sections until you complete all of its sides.  Spray some liquid adhesive if need be.  If you are using wood, then you may need wood glue or small nails to assemble all the frame sections together.

Once that is all done, you can now hang your antique map anywhere you like to display to your friends and guests.  This piece of the past can become a fantastic conversation starter especially if its history is special and interesting.


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