How To Get a Book Bound

Book binding is the answer if you want to keep your memorabilia or old book for a long time. If you have old books that you want to use and save, you can get rebinding for these. Binding is not only made for books but for memories you cherish such as pictures of weddings, birthdays or anniversaries. Some students have projects in school where they write a book. Some do the book binding on their own but others want to have it professionally done to make sure that their work is properly bound. Book binders are the ones doing the book binding. There are a lot of companies offering this type of service.

If you want to get a book bound, here are the steps you need to do:

  • Book stores usually have information on where to get a book bound. Often, they know book binders who do their job well. You can go to a book store near you to find information on where to get your book bound.
  • You can also use the yellow pages for finding book binders on your area for your book binding. However, you need to be very patient in looking for a book binder because big book binding companies usually prefer customers with several books to bind. Not all book binding companies accept a job for binding only one book.
  • You can also search the Internet for book binders to bind your book. You will surely get a lot of sites on your search result. Check on each site and read the information about their book binding service. See if they accept book binding for a single book only. Check on the location of the book binding company. This is to make sure that you go first on the book binding companies that are near your area. Traveling to a farther place isn’t necessary if there are good book binding services you can get around your area. This will save you time, effort and money if you find a book binder on your place. Another thing you need to consider is the price. Check on the price for their book binding service. Binding a single book will usually cost much higher than binding several books. It’s better if you take note of the site, location and the price so that you will have a list. You can then compare and decide which company to contact for your book binding.
  • Once you’ve decided which company to get for your book binding, contact the book binder to talk about getting your book bound. You can also have your own design for your cover. However, the size should fit on the size of the book cover for binding. You can ask the book binder on the exact size so that you will know the size of your design. If you don’t know how to do the design but you have a design in mind that you want to put on your cover, you can ask a graphic artist to design the cover of the book for you. Make sure to be there when the graphic artist is designing your cover so that you’ll be certain that you get the result that you want.
  • Give the cover of the design to the book binder.

Get your book bound so that the pages will be protected and you can keep it for years.


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