How To Get a Free Diary

Secrets eat souls like the cookie monster from Sesame Street eats, well, cookies. One sure way to remove that danger to a soul is to remove the secrets. A good person won't feel right about telling the tales that he or she keeps locked inside so the only way to release the truth is to write it out. But where can one hide the words that reveal? A diary is always a good place, especially if it has a lock. Most teenage girls will receive a diary or a journal as a gift.

How does one get a free diary if one doesn't get one as a present for a birthday or holiday? Where does anyone go when looking for something in today's society? The Internet has become the source for searching. Blogs, or Web Logs, are available free and are often used as personal journals or diaries by users. Also the Internet offers free on-line diaries and diary software. The drawback with these sites is that privacy is not secure. Identifying Information is required to sign up for any of these types of diaries.

What is a diary exactly? Simply it is the blank pages someone fills with daily thoughts and or experiences usually that allow a clearer picture of the writer. Any paper can become a diary, even a roll of toilet paper. All a person needs to get a free diary is to find some paper, a pen and start writing. Now for a person to get a free diary that includes a lock. A diary that is a blank book bound for that very purpose one must take some action.

  1. Ask! Family and friends are often happy to provide a love one with an avenue for self expression and improvement. A diary certainly applies!
  2. Check into contests and giveaways in which a diary or a gift certificate to a store that sells diaries is the prize! Enter the contest or giveaway as many times as you can. Ask your friends and family to enter too!
  3. Keep looking! Today's society is disposable. Someone is always throwing something away. It isn't unheard of to find a hardly used item tossed in the trash or left in the street. Sometimes people give away items at garage and yard sales.

If all else fails use the materials around you and make your own. Your homemade diary may not be as fancy or as secure as a top of the line one, but as you grow older it will hold even more value. A homemade diary reflects how resourceful you truly are and gives an even clearer window into your personality, depending on how you create and decorate it. You can even put a picture of cookie monster on the cover of your diary.


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