How To Get Crochet Magazines

There are several great crochet magazines to be found.  Here are a few easy steps to have you on your way to getting the perfect crochet magazine for you.

Before you start your journey, you should take a moment to decide what you're looking for. Do you want to find a crochet magazine that has a lot of beginner articles and patterns? Maybe you want advances crochet patterns for clothing. It's a good idea to think about your style at this point as well. Many crochet magazines have a certain style to their patterns and articles. Are you in need of a crochet magazine that has cute baby patterns, or do you want one with modern clothing patterns?

You could possibly want all of the above in your crochet magazine. Whatever it is you're looking for, you're sure to find a crochet magazine that fits your unique needs.

The best way to find a good crochet magazine is to do a Google search. Go to the links that sound interesting to you. It is a good idea to read through the website to determine whether a particular crochet magazine is the right choice for you. Most people find patterns and how-to articles most important when looking for crochet magazines. Check to see if the style of the patterns fit your personal style.

If you can't decide by the time you're finished browsing the crochet magazine's websites, the next step would be to seek out advice from fellow crochet crafters. There are a number of online forums that deal specifically with crochet. Another quick Google search will yield some great results. Ask the people on the forum what magazines they are currently in to. Give them an idea of what your personal crochet style is and people will be more than willing to give you their advice. One of the best crochet-related forums can be found at This is a huge forum with many wonderful people. Any one of them will be glad to suggest a crochet magazine.

Finally, if you do have the option of going to a craft or book store, this is going to be your best choice. There's nothing that can compare to browsing the different crochet magazines and being able to take them home that day. Once you've chosen one, you can use one of the subscription cards inside to get your crochet magazine sent to your home each month.


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