How To Get Custom Songs on Guitar Hero

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Guitar Hero is all the rage with Nintendo Wii, Playstation, Xbox and computer fans. In addition to the hundreds of songs that come with the game, users can now add custom songs to Guitar Hero. These include songs that are not found in the original Guitar Hero's setlist. Follow this process to add some custom songs your computerized version of Guitar Hero.

Step 1

Install Guitar Hero III. Before you can begin to get custom songs on Guitar Hero, make sure that you have installed Guitar Hero on your computer.

Step 2

Find the custom song you want to add to Guitar Hero. You can choose just about any custom song to add to Guitar Hero, either from a website or from your own .mp3 collection. (Please respect all copyright laws when choosing a song.) Make sure that you have the custom song you want to add saved on your computer as either an .mp3 or an .OGG file.

Step 3

Install ‘Song List Editor'. You will need a program that will help you to transfer custom songs from the internet to your PC version of Guitar Hero. Download Song list editor here:

Since it is a .zip file, you will need to extract the files on it before the program will work. Usually, you can initiate this process just by clicking on the file name once it has downloaded. (If not, open the program that you use for extracting .zip files, search for Song List Editor, and click on extract.) You should then see the file ‘songlist_editor.exe' available. Click on this to load the program.

Step 4

Download the chart file or MIDI file. In addition to having the song on your computer, you will also need the chart file so that your PC version of Guitar Hero can recognize what guitar notes you need to play. Register at to gain access to pages of chart files for nearly any song. The library should be found under the ‘Custom Songs' section of the website. Just search for the song you're interested in and download the chart file to your computer.

Step 5

Convert the chart file to a MIDI file. Once you have the chart file for the custom song you want to add to Guitar Hero, you need to convert it to a MIDI file. Download the program here: As with Song List Editor, extract the files from the .zip file, run the .exe file and open the program. Browse for the chart file(s) you just downloaded. Then select the ‘Guitar Hero' circle (not Rock Band), and click on ‘convert'. This will make a MIDI file out of the chart file you downloaded, and it will save it to the same directory.

Step 6

Insert the song into Song List Editor. Now you can insert your song into the Song List Editor. Open the program and click on ‘Insert New Song'. Type in the name of the song (all lowercase). For the Guitar Track, Rhythm Track and Song Track spaces, browse and select the .mp3 or .OGG version of your song. In the Midi file space, browse for the MIDI file you just created. Then fill in the details of the song, including the title, artist and year it was released. Click OK when you have entered all of the necessary information and file links.

Step 7

Wait for the song to be converted to a custom Guitar Hero song. After you click OK, you may need to wait a few minutes for the conversion process to take effect. A black dialogue screen will pop up saying that it is ‘done creating fsb'. Now you should be able to see the song in the song list in the Song List Editor program (on the left).

Step 8

Add the custom song to one of the Guitar Hero playlists. In Song List Editor, click on ‘Edit Setlists'. From the set list menu, select ‘Bonus Songs'. Then, increase the number of songs that appears in each tier by one. Then, from the song number drop down menu select the last song in the list. And from the song drop down box select the custom song you have been working to add. Then click ‘OK'. It should place the new custom song into the blank space you just created for it at the bottom of a playlist.

Step 9

Save your changes. The last step of getting a custom song onto Guitar Hero is saving the changes and additions you've made. Go to ‘file', click on ‘save' and then hit ‘ok' on the warning message. Congratulations! You've just successfully added a custom song to your PC version of Guitar Hero. Now you're ready to rock!

(These instructions will not work for Playstation, Xbox or Wii users. Visit for help getting custom Guitar Hero songs for these consoles.)


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