How To Get Eragon Toys

Eragon is a book that was made into a movie. The story is about a boy who lived on a farm and found a dragon, which he named Saphira. They were pursued by the evil king when he learned about Saphira, which led to their journey to find the rebel group called Varden to help them fight the evil king. The movie became very popular to kids and so toys based from Eragon characters were released. If you or your child would like to get an Eragon toy, you can purchase one or create your own toy.  

To get Eragon toys, here are the steps you need to take:

  • You can make Eragon themed playing cards so that you will have Eragon pictures and scenes while playing. To make your Eragon themed cards, purchase the regular children’s playing cards then buy Eragon stickers.  Get the stickers and put these on each piece of the playing cards.
  • Building blocks can be used in making Eragon toys. You can buy Legos and create a scene from the Eragon movie. You can also use these building blocks in making your own land of Alagaesia. Alagaesia is the fictional world in the story of Eragon. You can also purchase separate items like small swords on toy stores to put on your building blocks.
  • When a fantasy book is published and released, toys based on the characters of the story are usually created. These are often being sold with the book for a much lower price. You can go to your local bookstore if there are available Eragon toys that you can buy.
  • If there is a costume party or birthday, you can dress up in an Eragon themed costume.  You can purchase a costume on a costume shop. You can also create your own costume so that you don’t have to spend money. Be creative in making your Eragon costume using old shirts. You can also make your own sword using aluminum foil and cardboard. To do this, draw a sword shape on your cardboard and cut it. Wrap the sword cardboard using aluminum so that it will look like a real sword.
  • There are stores selling secondhand toys. You can visit these stores to check if there are Eragon toys available. You can also check on the Internet for online stores that sell these items. There are online stores and auctions which sell used toys which look new but are cheaper in price. Be patient in searching as there are many sites online that may be selling these. If you found an Eragon toy you would like to purchase online, make sure that you read and understand the terms and conditions before buying the item. Make sure to check on the information about what to do if the item you received is damaged so that you would know what actions to make if ever you received a damaged item.

You can now enjoy playing with your Eragon toys and costumes. You can share your toys with your friends to make playing more fun!


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