How To Get Free Sci-Fi eBooks for Kindle developed and launched Kindle.  Its first generation was released in the US in 2007.  It is both a software and a hardware platform used to access and display e-books and digital media materials.

The Kindle software applications are compatible with Windows, BlackBerry, Android, Mac OS X, and iPhone OS.  Meanwhile, its hardware has three devices, namely: "Kindle", "Kindle 2", and "Kindle DX".  Its hardware works on an e-ink brand electronic paper display.  The display showcases 16 different shades of gray. 

Utilizing the US Sprint EVDO Network, the platform can wirelessly download materials from Amazon's Whispernet.  However, the latest versions rely on AT&T and it various roaming partners.

Now, if you need to get free sci-fi e-books for your Kindle, here are some straightforward suggestions:

1.      Visit the

2.      Go to the Kindle Section.  Under it, mouse over the different categories.  You should find one that says "Books".  You should easily see it under the Kindle Store tab.

3.    On the left hand side, click the possible choices.  The first option reads "Fiction".  Under that is "Sci-Fi".  Click it if you wish to sort all the titles of the available Sci-Fi books. Quickly review the list once it is available and if you can, note the ones that you like.

4.      View the entire website page again.  Check out the right side.  Look for a drop down menu.  It should allow you to arrange the Sci-Fi book listing according to price points, from "low" to "high".  The free titles should be easy to find.  Why?  They are on the top of the list.  And they are plenty.  You have at least 86 Sci-Fi book titles that you can download for free. 

Note, however, that some titles may have been listed under a wrong category. This normally happens, particularly at the free e-book category.  But this shouldn't be a major problem.  Simply run through the list and find out the titles that catch your reading fancy.

5.      Begin downloading your preferred e-book titles.

The above-specified steps are definitely faster and more efficient compared with spur-of-the-moment reads.  Aside from saving your precious time, you don't have to divide your time thinking about spending money on new Sci-Fi e-books or rushing down to your nearby community library to rent any available title there.

With the advent of Kindle and other e-book readers, you get to bring the "books" that you truly like.  And the process is becoming a lot easier to do and a lot simpler to sustain.  Now, you can enjoy a number of e-books while traveling, while waiting for your appointment at your doctor's office.  In short, you can read anything anywhere and anytime.

Compare with the traditional hardbound books, e-book readers are fresh-looking and clean.  They never crease.  And you don't need to worry about losing your bookmarks.  If you are becoming a serious fan of Kindle or any other e-book reader available in the market now, learn to be more resourceful.  Find ways to download more free e-books, Sci-Fi or otherwise.

These e-book readers are always fresh and clean, never crease, and never lose your bookmarks. If you are becoming a fan of them, or are already a fan thanks to the Kindle and the newly released Kindle 2, you'll want to know where to find some of the best bargains out there.


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