How To Get Free Stuff for Neopets

In 1999, a virtual pet website was launched.  It has gained popularity ever since.  Most loved are the website’s virtual pets – the Neopets.  They exist in the virtual world of Neopia. 

If you get to visit the official website, you can have a maximum of four virtual pets.  Literally, you need to take care of them.  You have to provide them their foods and clothes.  You also need to get them their toy and accessories. 

You get to buy the items for your Neopets using the official virtual currency.  They are aptly called as Neocash and Neopoints.  If you have a credit card, you can purchase Neocash.  On the other hand, if you want to have some Neopoints, you can earn them in various ways: playing games, trading, winning competitions, and putting your “money” in the Neopia’s stock market.
If you are competitive, you may want tons of opportunities so you can amass freebies for your Neopets.  The freebies that you may be eyeing can be as basic as food item or as luxurious as a home furnishing.  The big secret?  Know where to look for the free treats for your Neopets.  Here are some specific suggestions acquire your free stuff effortlessly:

“Mystery Island”.  Go there and spend time playing “Tombola”.  If you are a good player, you may readily get what you desire.  If you are lousy, you end up getting nothing at all.  But, sometimes, if you are lucky, you may surprise yourself with a cool prize or an impressive accumulation of points.

“Faerieland”.  Check out the “Healing Springs”.  Your visit can greatly improve your Neopets’ “health”.  But if you are fortunate, you may acquire some healing potions.  You can sell them to earn cash or points that you can use to buy freebies.

“Lost Desert”.  Travel there.  Initially, your goal is to have your Neopets blessed.  You should do that at the “Coltzan’s Shrine”.  Your visit may afford your Neopets some prizes or give them better skills.  Or, sometimes, they may get anything.  But you don’t need to worry.  Going there is free.  So, there is nothing to lose.  Your next stop is the “City of Sakhmet”.  You can try the “Fruit Machine”.  Spin the wheel for possible prizes or points. 

“Terror Mountain”.  Target the “Ice Caves” there.  You should watch out for the “Snowager”.  See if he is up and awake.  If he is soundly sleeping, you are certainly lucky.  Expect a nice prize.

“Castles”.  Stop and visit at the “Meridell Castle”.  Challenge yourself to meet the “Grumpy Old King”.   Just make sure you are ready to crack a nice joke.  If he laughs, he may give something fancy.  Or, you may go to “Brightvale Castle”.  Look for the “Wise Old King” and say something witty and sensible.  If he is impressed, he may reward you.

There are innumerable ways of earning freebies for your Neopets.  Discover them as you explore the virtual world.  If you want special freebies, you may refer regularly to the site news on events and holidays.  There are specific occasions that give you access to special freebies. 


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