How To Get Obama Merchandise and Inauguration Souvenirs

Back in 2009, citizens who supported President Obama during the elections and the inaugurations bought plenty of merchandise and souvenirs in the form of shirts, banners, mugs and any other item that you can think of. It is one way of showing your support to the elected president. Nowadays, it might be harder to come across some Obama merchandise and inauguration souvenirs but it is not impossible. If you want to purchase Obama merchandise, visit the websites provided below.

Here are some of the websites that you can visit if you want to get Obama merchandise and inauguration souvenirs:

  • Organizing for America – Organizing for America is an organization that supports President Obama in his mission for change. One portion of the website is the online store where you can purchase Obama merchandise and inauguration souvenirs. Some of the items they have in the online store are shirts, hats, baby clothes, buttons, bags and stickers. The shirts cost $25 to $30 and come in white, grey and dark blue. You can go to their website to see the other items they offer.
  • Barack Obama Gear – Barack Obama Gear is a website where you will be able to find various Barack Obama campaign merchandise and other items. The items the have for sale are bumper stickers, shirts and campaign posters. They also have signed memorabilia such as photos, inaugural coin medals, Obama challenge coins and rare items such as a signed TIME magazine with Obama on the cover. If you want to read about Obama, there are also books available. Some titles are The Essential Barack Obama, The State of Black America 2007: Portrait of the Black Male and Barack Obama in His Own Words.
  • The Official 2009 Presidential Inauguration Store – This is the official website of the presidential inauguration merchandise that is available for purchase. The items that are on the store include bags, accessories, art, shirts, glasses, mugs and collectibles. They also offer some items for kids such as a piggy bank, wooden trains and kids’ shirts.
  • Inauguration 2009 Presidential Souvenirs – This website offers some unique inauguration items such as cuff links, an Obama basketball, a scarf, memorial plates, paperweights and many more. Other items for sale on the website are clothing for men and women, bags and plus sized items. Most of the items that you can find on this website sell for under $5.00 except for the clothes and bags. You can order the merchandise from the website. They ship orders Thursdays every week.

These are some of the websites that you can visit if you want to get Obama merchandise and inauguration souvenirs. It is better to browse all the websites first and see all the items that they have to offer so that you can compare the prices before purchasing. Some of the items for sale are sold for hundreds and even thousands of dollars because they are rare items. You can purchase these items if you have the budget and a real Obama supporter.


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