How To Get Rich in Second Life

How to Earn Money After Creating Your Avatar

I know many people who don't play Second Life because they don't know what to do, it's difficult, etc. etc.

Well, one of the most amazing things in Second Life is that you can earn money easily and then transfer this money to US Dollars (approximately US$1 = L$250) and vice-versa. But the question is: How do you earn money in Second Life?

Let's be honest: In the first 2 or 3 months, you won't earn that much. Many beginners ask company owners, "Can I work with you?" and the answer is, "No, wait 3 months, then apply for the job." That's true. In my two years of Second Life I've never seen a company that accepts avatars younger than 3 months. But relax; I'm going to help you. That's why I am writing this article!

Step 1

First, for those who are interested in downloading Second Life and creating an avatar (it's free, just register): 

After creating your avatar, you'll appear in a tutorial land. I suggest you do this tutorial. It's about ten minutes of your time just to understand how the buttons work. As I've said before, looking for a job just after avatar creation is a waste of time.

Step 2

So, I have some tips for you who are new in Second Life:

  • Go to campings. What are campings? Places that you leave your avatar sitting in a chair and he remains earning money in the course of minutes. There are many different campings. The best is L$5 by 20 minutes and the worst is L$1 by 30 minutes. You'll find campings in shopping centers, clubs etc. So, if you are playing and then you want to take a shower, remember to leave your avatar in a camping!
  • Go to clubs! There you will find Trivia Games! In these games, you need two things: General Knowledge and Fast typing! If you are good at that, go there and have fun: You will earn about L$10 for each correct answer!
  • In clubs you will also find Balloon Shooters (where you earn money clicking balloons) and if you are lucky, you can find clubs with a hostess who gives you L$1 each time you write a specific name! (Yes, if you write it 100 times, he/she will give you L$100.)

Step 3

When you get older than 3 months (you can see your age by right clicking your avatar and selecting "Profile"), you'll be able to get a job. With the money you collected through these 3 months, you can buy a new shape and a new skin, and then you will no longer have the appearance of a "Newbie," and this will help you to get a good job.

How do you get a job? In the Second Life search option, you will see the "Classifieds" tab. There you will see many options of jobs and people needing employees. Probably within 3 months, you will know what your best ability is in Second Life ( for example, building, scripting, exploring, dancing, putting textures, making clothes, or just organizing things, etc.).

Here are some examples of Second Life jobs: Hostess, DJ, Promoter, Architect, Receptionists, Advertising Jobs and many, many others! And when you notice that you have a lot of experience, you can create your own business!

Well, that's it. These are my tips for you guys who were almost giving up on playing "SL" because you couldn't earn money. Follow my tips and enjoy your virtual life buying what you want!


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