How To Get Xbox Live without a Credit Card

Xbox Live is a new way of playing your Xbox 360. You can get to play with other Xbox players online. This is far different from the old game consoles where you only get to play with the people inside your household. You can invest on your Xbox console through Xbox live membership. But what if you do not have a credit card to pay online? Here are some tips.

Be sure that your internet connection is high-speed. Low speed internet connections will slow down the performance of the game console.

Sign up for an XBox Live Silver Membership.
You can sign up for a free account through you Xbox 360 console. This membership will give you the chance to look into different content in the library that is downloadable. You can look for tracks for music games or download videos. But it is better of get Xbox Live Gold Membership if you do not want to use credit card or you do not have one. This is also the kind of subscription that you need if you want to play online.

Buy a Retail Card. You can go to retail stores to purchase redemption codes for you to be able to purchase an Xbox Live God Subscription. These come in card, where the codes are hidden. You have to scratch the card in order to reveal the code, much like buying airtime for your prepaid mobile phones. These are available almost in every place where you can purchase Xbox 360 games. There are cards that are good for one month, or three months or twelve months.

Redeem Code function.
You will enter the code that you have purchased with the use of the "Redeem Code" function. You have to press the button for Xbox on your controller and go to the Marketplace tab. This can be seen on the far left. Click on the "Redeem Code" then key in the code like how it appears on your card. You can also enter the code when you log in to your Xbox live account. You can also look for redemption codes through trading sites. You can use alternative payments such as PayPal or Alertpay. But be sure that the seller is legitimate.

Connect your Xbox.
Plug your Ethernet cable to the Ethernet slot on your Xbox. This is usually seen at the back of the equipment. You can plug the other end of the cable to the modem. This will allow you Xbox to have an access to all connections. You can also plug the other end to your router (if you have one). This is done when you are sharing your internet connection with your personal computer.

Getting yourself these kinds of games is great for leisure time; however it can cost you money for the subscription and the maintenance of your account. Just be sure that you have the extra money to burn for these games and not using up money that should be used for your daily needs. But nevertheless, subscribing to Xbox Live without a credit card gives you the added feeling of security that you’re not sharing your credit card details online.


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