How To Get Your Child Interested In Entering Writing Contests

Want your child to be the next J.K. Rowling?

When a child reaches an age as young as 2 years old, parents are so eager to teach them different things like singing, dancing or writing. Just like any other skill, writing is a skill that can be developed through practice, professional guidance, exposure, and willingness to take your craft to the next level.

There are different ways to encourage your child and get him to be interested in entering writing contests. Whether for the prize, fame, or experience, entering a writing contest (and winning it) can take you places. Just as communication skills are very important and pivotal in one's personal and professional career, just imagine what writing (creatively) can do.

Here is some advice to get your child interested in entering writing contests.

  1. Expose your child to different reading materials. If he is familiar with short stories but has not shown interest, try exposing him to screenwriting or poetry. This may pique his interest.
  2. Buy him books. This way, he will have resources on hand, making it easier for him to love them. Buy books instead of video games or other art items that might distract him from writing.
  3. Give support. Maybe there have been attempts at writing which were not successful. Give him pointers and encourage him. In time he will get better and be more confident about contests and eventually will enter one.
  4. Start off with contests he is more familiar with-whether they are short story contests or poetry. When he has picked up the pace, ask him to enter bigger contests, or even screenwriting contests to challenge him more.
  5. Try freelance writing first. Once the writing skills are developed, this means bigger chances of winning contests because of the lower percentage of error.
  6. Online contests may not be the most prestigious when it comes to writing contests, but they ciould very well be a good training ground for joining nationwide competitions.
  7. Check with literary agents for any updates on local contests so as not to cram your child into writing when the contest starts.

Just as reading can take its readers anywhere, writing can take the writer places too. The most popular writers are those who are seasoned, know how to handle pressure and who are very creative. Writing can bring fame and fortune to the gifted ones.

These writers value their craft and continuously develop it. They love expressing their thoughts and playing with words. They develop their creativity and put so much passion into writing.

And whether as a hobby or eventually as a career, it is important that your child considers entering writing contests to be fun. If he loves doing it and is encouraged to do so, he will get to be more creative, and thus have a bigger chance of getting onto a winning streak.

Once your child is into it, you'd better start checking your local listings for the schedule of writing contests so the both of you will not be pressured to hit the deadline.


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