How To Get Your Poetry Published

There are moments when it seems that your thoughts flow right out of your hands into written words that eventually form a structure which people call poetry. This is an expression of yourself. This is the crystallized form of your ingenuity. You may be able to write a sonnet, ode or elegy. Have you ever thought of sharing what you've written to other people? Have you had any dreams of one day seeing your poems published? If you know that you have what it takes to do that, here are a few tips on how to publish your poetry:

  1. Find the right people to critique your work. There are some forums in the Internet where you can post your works so that people can read them and share their critique. Experts who can give you proper critiques to help you improve your work often frequent these forums. It is nice to get valuable analysis before actually sending the things you wrote to a publication house. This is especially true, if you want to write poems with structure. These people can correct you if you are violating some rules regarding the structure of the type of poem you wrote. You should take whatever comments they give as constructive criticisms. Many of them are willing to help you. Some may even be willing enough to write you essays of their analysis and advice. By working hard on improving your work and technique in writing poetry, you will increase your chances of getting your work published.
  2. Participate in poetry events. Watch out for poetry events like poetry reading. If you can, try to participate in them. You may be able to meet the people who can help you publish your work. Try searching for a poetry contest. It can be from your school, organization event, or online. This can be a good venue for you to test your abilities in poetry writing. You will be able to gauge if you have what it takes to actually publish your work. If you are lucky you may be able to encounter a contest, which will give your poem the opportunity to get published if you win in it. Poetry contests can also make your credential more appealing to the publisher.
  3. Send your work to different organizations and media. If you are confident in your poems, look for people or places where you can publish these. Send your work to these places. Try it out. You may be surprised that someone out there is willing to get your work published. They may be able to see the potential of your works. This is a fundamental step to actually getting your work published. You may get a lot of rejection notices but do not give up. Not everyone is lucky enough to get his work published on the first publication house he sends his work to. Look at these as obstacles and more time to improve your work. Some of the most well-known writers that we have now have faced rejections before getting their poems published. The important thing is that you are humble enough to accept this and strong enough to not give up.

If you can write excellent poems, why not give yourself a chance to publish your work. Who knows? You may be the next great poet of this generation.


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