How To Hand Paint T-Shirts

Hand painting t-shirts is a fun activity that can be enjoyed by persons of any age and of any skill level. Daycare  and families alike can find refuge in a creating works of art that can be created on rainy days when it seems there is nothing to do.

It is also up to the individual craft person if they would like to make a high quality wearable fashion statement or if they are buying a large quantity for camp children or other activity group. Buying t-shirts on a large scale can lead to big savings.

Raising funds can be as easy as having each participant contribute three to five dollars to cover the cost of the t-shirt and fabric paints. For a few dollars per t-shirt extra, high quality long lasting t-shirts can also be purchased in bulk.  Fabric paints are available at craft supply stores, major retailers as well as general art supply stores.

Choosing how to design your t-shirt can range from free hand designs done with readily available fabric painting pens to employing the use of stencils to bring your t-shirt to life. To add even more fun to hand painting t-shirts you can iron on a design either store bought prefabricated designs or software is out there that makes anyone able and equipped to create custom iron on designs right in the comfort of their own home. You can also sew on appliqués or iron on clothing decorations also found in the craft section of your favorite department store. Once you have adorned the shirt with decorations, you can hand paint the shirt to embellish your design.

With any project involving paint a clear work space is needed. The first step to making lovely hand painted t-shirts is to clear adequate space to work in. Once you have done this, you will be wise to get all your necessary supplies together before you begin so you won't have to leave once you have entered full creativity mode. Water, brushes, paint, rags, stencils should all be within easy reach of the designer. Wearing a smock or apron to protect your clothing is a wise precaution as by their nature fabric paints are intended to permanently adhere to clothing.

When you are ready to begin painting your shirt it is important to pull the section of fabric you would like to paint taut. Be sure to continue to hold the fabric smooth the entire time you are painting as this will ensure your design the best chance at being true to your vision.

When you have finished painting your shirt to your liking, allow ample time and space to dry; then you are ready to wear your personal statement out and about!


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