How To Hem Dress Pants

Dress pants are one of the most important pieces in work clothing. Buying dress pants is more convenient and less expensive than having one made for you. The problem with buying ready-to-wear dress pants is the length. Most people have a hard time looking for the right length of pants. The solution to this is to hem your dress pants so that you can have the right length for your height.

Read the steps below to know how you can hem dress pants:

  • Materials. The materials you need are your shoes, sewing pins, thread, ripper, scissors and an iron. Make sure the thread is the same color or darker than the material of the dress pants.
  • Remove existing hem. Remove the existing hem on your dress pants by cutting the thread or using the ripper. You will notice that there is a crease on the fold of the hem. Use the iron to get rid of the crease. Make sure the setting of the heat is just right to avoid burning the material.
  • Measure new length. Measure the new length of your pants by wearing it. If you are going to wear high heels with the dress pants, wear the heels too as you measure so that you can have the right length with the shoes on. You need help from someone to pin the edges upwards so that it will be straight. Remove the dress pants and measure the fold throughout the edge of each leg. Make sure the fold is straight.
  • Iron the fold. Iron the folds using the pins as a guide. You will create the new crease for your dress pants. Check the fold constantly as you are ironing to ensure that it is straight.
  • Inspect the dress pants. Now that you have created a new fold, wear the dress pants again to see if the length if correct. You can make adjustments if it is still too long or too short.
  • Cut excess fabric. You will only need about 2 inches for the hem. Cut out any excess fabric from the dress pants. Make sure that your cut is straight, so that it will be easy for you to sew in the hem later on.
  • Sew the hem. Now you can already sew the hem. First, use the zigzag stitching setting on your sewing machine and go along the edges. This will keep the edge of the pants from fraying. Afterwards, turn the dress pants inside out and fold up the hem. Stitch along the edge and remove the pins as you go along.

These are the step-by-step instructions on how you can hem your dress pants. The steps are quite easy and you can do this in under an hour. As you practice hemming, the procedure will be easier. You can also do some minor repairs on your other garments to save money. When you are hemming, make sure the tension on your sewing machine is just right to avoid having puckering on your dress pants.


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