How To Hollow a Wooden Flute

Simple musical instruments such as the flute can create beautiful musical tunes with just a simple blow and the blocking of flute holes using the fingers. The flute will not be complete without the hole, as the hole is very vital in making a sound come out.

A flute can be made from different kinds of materials, but the very famous material used in making the instrument is wood. Making a musical instrument such as the flute, which comprises of not so complex parts, is easy to do, especially if one only uses wood as the main material. But, of course, boring a hole should be properly done. The sound that the wooden flute releases depends on the quality of the hole. A perfectly hollowed wooden flute will result in a desirable musical sound.

There are different ways or techniques on putting a hole on a wooden flute. The first technique is simply drilling the wood. The alternative method uses halves of the wood that are connected together when the wooden flute is being made. Here are the two ways on how to hollow a wooden flute.

Method 1

  • Find a way to hold the wooden instrument in place so as not to let it wiggle around or move. Ensuring that the wood remains immobile during the process is important. If the wooden flute keeps on moving, there is a possibility of producing uneven edges in the hole during the drilling process.
  • Use a drill that should not be too big and not too small. It should be enough in size to put a hole on the wooden flute. The hole should not occupy too much space and should not be very small. The drill size should be less than 1/2 of the flute's diameter. It is also a requirement for you to use drills of different lengths. T his will help in ensuring that the flute is drilled at the very center.
  • Before you start with the drilling, locate and determine first the center of the wooden flute. In drilling, begin first with the shortest bit and proceed to a longer bit until it reaches the end part of the flute where the mouth is located.
  • Repeat the same steps in creating the other half of the wooden instrument.

Method 2

  • You need to pick 2 pieces of wood that will be used for the two halves of the wooden flute. The size and length of the wooden pieces should be determined. Create an outline where the hole will be made.
  • Just like in the first technique, ensure that the wooden flute is clamped in place to prevent movement during the hand carving.
  • Using a hand carving tool, carve a hole starting from the bottom part of the wooden flute and move towards the other side where the mouth piece is located. Make sure that the bore is long and wide enough when using a hand carving tool.

Choose which of these techniques is better to use or more convenient to you. The technique may also depend on the type of wooden flute used. The drill and hand carving techniques have the same results if done properly. The only difference is the manner of creating the hole.


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