How To Identify Corelle Patterns

Corelle is one of the most popular dinnerware in the whole world. They are most famous for the durability of its products, as well as the beautiful patterns and designs that are unique to Corelle products. These patterns are usually the ones that people look for when they are searching for Corelle dinnerware to buy.

Here are a few tips on how to identify Corelle patterns:

  • Once you have located the Corelle dinnerware sets, examine the designs on the plates and other sets. Usually, there are bands around the dinnerware, except for their plain products. The bands around the Corelle products are usually around one up to three bands. If there is more than one band, it is usually one color but there are also products that have multi colored bands. If that is the case, the bands are not of the same size in thickness.
  • There are also floral patterns in Corelle dinnerware. If you prefer the floral patterns of Corelle products, get one and examine the floral designs and patterns usually situated at the center of the products such as the plates. The floral patterns of Corelle products are usually not very intricate but in a simple pattern. They are usually a mixture of three colors such as yellow, light green, and turquoise-more on its soft side. The floral patterns usually appear dainty and nice to look at without overwhelming someone with shocking designs. However, there are also those Corelle products with more bold designs.
  • Every dinnerware of the Corelle products is unique, even though the pieces are in one set. For example, if your Corelle dinnerware set is made up of 5 pieces of dinnerware, every set has the same band around the dinnerware, however, if there are also floral patterns at the center, each pattern is different from the other. If you noticed that each design is different, do not fret as this is normal. It is really designed that way.
  • Aside from the band pattern, floral pattern, and the plain Corelle products without any patterns, there are also Corelle products that have patterns located at the rim of the dinnerware such as the cups and plates. Most of these types of patterns are usually in gold or silver color situated on a stark white piece of dinnerware to bring out the color of the design.
  • There are Corelle products that have bold colors. Those designs with bold colors such as yellows and blues are usually situated at the center of the dinnerware. If you notice the dinnerware with bold patterns, the design usually starts as light from the edges until it reaches its full colors at the center. It usually comes together in swirls of colors.

Corelle dinnerware have a lot of patterns to choose from plain, to simple, to bold colors and patterns. They have designs that will fit your taste and make your simple dinners much more fun and special.


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