How To Identify Japanese Katana Swords

The katana, often called a “samurai sword”, is a type of Japanese sword that is traditionally used by the Samurai warrior. It is a curved, single-edge sword and used in battle and usually paired with a wakizashi or tanto, a similar sword only shorter. The katana has a long blade that is used for open combat.
Looking closely at the blade, the sword has an exact tip shape that is considered as its most important characteristic. There are some katanas that may have long (okisakki), medium (chukissaki) or short (kokissaki) blades. It can even be hooked backwards (ikuri-okissaki). It is important for the front edge tip to be more curved or straight. The katana has its own identity as the blacksmith engraves a signature on it. It is placed on the tang of the katana, which is called the nakago.

Here are some tips to identify Japanese Katana swords:

  1. Read a book on swords or the samurai. Read a reference book so to learn about the special characteristics of the katana. Samurai reference books have guides for ancient and new katanas. Having the proper knowledge is one of the best tools in differentiating between a real and a fake katana.
  2. Study the features of the sword. A katana is about 3 feet and has a curved edge that is created with steel. This makes it a very sturdy and strong weapon. An authentic katana has a smooth blade and it does not smudge while unauthentic ones can be made of wood that is painted. On fake katanas, the temper line looks opaque and cosmetic while the real katana’s line has a clear and transparent frame. All real katana have a blade tip that is curved; a fake sword may have a straight one. To be more accurate, find an authentic katana and a fake one then compare both blades, sword lengths, and other features.
  3. Attend forums. It will also help to go to Japanese conventions relating to swords to be able to gain knowledge about the Katana sword and all of its features. These conventions are visited by sword enthusiasts and manufacturers of authentic swords. Attendees of these forums ask questions to experts and learn about the different kinds of swords from various katana or samurai dealers.

The makers of the Kawasaki katana 600 and katana sword have the same origin, which is Japan. The Japanese know how to build their products and make them known to the whole word. They are very reliable manufacturers and have a keen eye for details. If you try searching for swords on sale on the internet or in sword shops, you might find the Hanwei swords. They are considered to be one of the biggest manufacturers of Japanese and Chinese Swords. Their products are considered authentic and are not for decoration. They sell cheap swords that are fully functional and excellent in quality.

You may also want to register to a katana enthusiast’s forum or website to learn more about the samurai. There are a wide variety of forums that provide essential information from katana collectors, martial arts students, experts etc. These groups have a lot of tips and information regarding collecting these types of swords. Katana swords are a great item for collection. There are a lot of enthusiasts who are quite fond of this item, so it is best to ask first before buying a real sword.


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