How To Identify Real Waterford Crystal

Since 1783, Waterford Crystal has been amazed the world for its fine, perfect, and world-class glass products. Its more than two centuries in the business is already a proof that it has a good reputation in the market. If not, perhaps the business has already closed down a long, long time ago. But since it's still alive and kicking, that means that the brand is still struggling to continue satisfying its market.

However, with this popularity comes stiff competition. Worse, there are imitations of Waterford Crystal's creations. If you will buy a glassware for quality, then you should know how to identify real Waterford crystal.

The Waterford Stamps

Checking the Waterford stamps is the easiest and most objective way to identify whether a product is Waterford's or not.

The Oldest Waterford Logo - Look for this if the seller is claiming that his product is an antique Waterford glassware. The logo has "Waterford Crystal" in Old English lettering style. On top of this is the old logo of the company. It's best that you check the official website of Waterford to familiarize how this logo looks like.

The Golden Sticker - Later on, Waterford used a golden sticker on their products. This sticker has the company's name and their seahorse emblem, all in green color.

Etched "Waterford" - Waterford crystals made from 1947 to 1999 have the "Waterford" name etched on the bottom. You can see the etching clearly if you move the item and see the bottom against strong light.

Millennium Waterford - From 2000 until the date of this writing, Waterford is using a new etching to authenticate their products. This has the "Waterford" name and the seahorse behind the name. There is a big "W" under the seahorse emblem. This can be usually seen on the bottom of the item. Again, checking the item against a strong light will help you see the logo clearly.

More Ways to Identify Real Waterford Crystals

People who have the intention of counterfeiting the real Waterford crystals can easily fake the etching, logo, and stickers. For this, you need to check better on the item.

  • Waterford is known for creating well-designed and clean finished items. Check the crystal-every side of it. Touch it. Feel it. There should be no rough side. Check the item against strong light, too. There should be no imperfection on the glassware.
  • Consider the price. Real Waterford crystals are more expensive than the counterfeited. If the price is unbelievably cheap, better be suspicious. It might not be a real Waterford product.
  • Buy Waterford crystals only from reputable resellers or directly from the company. There is no surer way of getting Waterford crystals than buy directly from the manufacturer. If this is impossible in your area, then buy from a reputable reseller. Check the reseller with the help of Waterford's customer service. They should know their registered resellers in your area.

Waterford crystals can be a good investment. Not only that these are beautiful but also because they have higher value compared to other brands. So, check the Waterford crystal carefully before shelving out your money. You don't want to invest on fake crystals, anyway.


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