How To Improve Crossword Puzzle Skills

Crossword puzzles are always fun to do. They keep your mind thinking and it exercises your brain cells to keep your memory healthy and active. For older people, crosswords are advised to prevent Alzheimer's disease. Crossword puzzles have difficulty levels. You can start from the easiest four letter crossword puzzles and progress to the harder ones. However, it is not enough that you continue to linger in one difficulty and not jump into the next level. You need to improve your crossword puzzle skills not only for easy crossword puzzles but especially when you progress into the more difficult ones. Here are some pointed to take to improve your puzzle skills:

  • The easiest way to hone your crossword puzzle skills is to practice as often as you can. Start by practicing the easiest crossword puzzles before progressing into more difficult ones. Repetition hones your memory and your ability to link words. Repeat the easiest crossword puzzles first at least until the time you can solve an easy crossword puzzle in just 10 to 15 minutes. After achieving in the easy category step up a level and do the same repetitions to hone your skill in the more difficult crossword puzzles.
  • Another way to improve your crossword puzzle skills is not to be hasty in jotting down the first word you thought of as an answer to the crossword question. You can jot the first answer on a piece of paper so you will not forget it. Writing down hastily the first word that comes to your mind will get you stuck on a cross word if your answer is not correct. Unless you know and are absolutely sure of the answer, jot it down on a separate piece of paper.
  • Do not move around too much. When you are answering a crossword puzzle, stay in one area until you worked every word and linked every word before moving on into another area. You will discover that you can stay in one square for a longer time and you will develop the ability to concentrate better. If you feel saturated, you can move into the adjacent square where you are working on.
  • Be careful in answering words. Crossword puzzlers usually use words that end with "e" or watch out for words that may contain "ed," "er," and "es." Sometimes crossword puzzlers use these prefixes to connect to the crossing word. Be mindful of vowels since these letters are usually used in most words in the vocabulary. Always take note of the vowels of every word you are sure to answer.
  • Do not stop at a crossword difficulty if you reach a bump stop. If you need a little push from word finders or dictionary, you may do so but remember to use it sparingly. The least you can do is to remember the words you have looked up. It really pays to remember any new words that you have encountered.

Crossword puzzles are fun to do but always remember that once you get frustrated in answering the crossword puzzles, shift your attention to another game to cure the boredom from your system. Always go back to the crossword puzzle you are doing, you will find it is easier when your mind is clear from stress.


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