How To Improve Handwriting

Writing on the paper

With a few simple steps and a few changes you can improve your handwriting. As with most things you may have to practice before you have wonderful handwriting worth talking about, but it can be done. Even the sloppiest writer can make it into something neat and legible.

  1. Evaluate and change your position. Good handwriting takes the ability to move the whole arm. It isn't done with just the muscles in the hand. As such you need to find a good clean space to write in. Don't let yourself be crowded. Evaluate your posture and make sure that it is upright with your ears, shoulders, and the top of your buttocks all in the same plane. Feel comfortable and relaxed.
  2. Position the pen. You should hold the pen between the forefinger and the thumb. You should then rest it near the first knuckle of the middle finger. The rest of your fingers should be curled under your hand and your hand should remain relaxed.
  3. Give it a go. Write the best you can. Write a few sentences or a paragraph and write each letter, both lower case and upper case.
  4. Evaluate your writing. What do you like and what don't you like about the way you write? Make changes to your letters till you like how they look.
  5. Take your time. Make sure that, while you are writing, you take your time. Speed is bound to make your writing sloppy and messy-looking. If it is worth writing well, then take your time.
  6. Practice. Nothing can be had perfectly. You have to figure out how you want your letters and handwriting to look and then practice it. Practice it a lot; it isn't enough to do it once and hope for the best. It has to be something you work at to make great improvements.
  7. Repeat. If you are finding yourself going back to bad habits such as poor posture or holding the pen too tightly, then start from the beginning. If you have no problems with those issues, then repeat steps four through six. You have to evaluate as you go along to see your progress and additional changes that you want. You also have to practice a lot. The more you evaluate and practice, the better your handwriting will get and the more control you will have over it.

Some good ideas for practice include starting a journal or writing letters. Most of us don't write either anymore, and if we do, then we type away at the computer. Well, you can use these options for practicing your new skill. It may take time before you are ready to write a fancy scripted love letter, but practice makes perfect.


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Handwritten love letters are still nice. Great article.

By Anonymous

hi - great stuff here.
Far too many people are 'fingerwriters' - good handwriters use the pen and hand / arm as suggested and don't get writers cramp.

By Rik Whittaker