How To Improve your Scrabble Game

Scrabble is one game that really shows off your vocabulary. It’s a great way to pass the time with family and friends while learning some new words. Scrabble players are always interested in winning but not everyone exerts enough effort to improve their game.

If you want to score bigger points in your next Scrabble game, here are some tips that you will surely love.

  • Use prefixes and suffixes. Add ING, ED, UN, RE, PRE and more to words that are already on the board. Using them on existing high scoring words will up your points.
  • Have more two-letter words in your repertoire. AX is a common high scoring two-letter word. If the X is strategically placed on a double or triple letter tile, your score will definitely be in the double digits. But AX is only one of the many high scoring two letter words. HE, JO, QI, XI, and XU are words you can use on the Scrabble board. Two-letter literal spelling of certain letters can also help increase your score. The letter L can be spelled as EL and letter F can be spelled as EF.
  • Utilize your S’s and blanks effectively. Some Scrabble enthusiasts believe that you should only use your blank tile when you are sure you can score 30 points for putting it on the board. On the other hand, the letter S only be added to a word if you can score at least 10 points for that word. Whether this is a viable strategy or not, the point is to use the S and the blank tiles only when you are sure to score high for the word you plan to play. Otherwise keep it for a later word.
  • Go for a Bingo. When all seven letters are played, the player receives an extra 50 points on top of the actual score for the word. This is known as a bingo in Scrabble. Using a prefix or a suffix can help you achieve a bingo. The letter S or the blank tile can also be helpful in garnering that extra 50 points.
  • Learn more Q words. Research Scrabble acceptable words that use the letter Q but without the letter U. QAT and QAID are two examples of Q words that don’t use the letter U. QINDARKA and SHEQALIM are also playable words. Make sure you know what these words mean when you are called out. Also learn more words using the letter Z and the letter X.
  • When the going gets tough, swap. Sometimes, you will really have a bad hand. It is possible to get all vowels or all consonants. Instead of forcing yourself to play these letters, it may be in your best interest to swap. By swapping letters, you increase your chances of getting a better mix of letters instead of ending up with low-scoring plays.
  • Play with the computer. One of the keys to becoming a great Scrabble player is practice. If you have no one to play with, play Scrabble online. You can also purchase a Scrabble game that you can play offline. By practicing often, you increase your chances of learning new words and of coming up with winning strategies.

There are thousands of Scrabble clubs all across the globe. It is a very popular game invented by Architect Alfred Mosher Butts during the Depression. Scrabble is won through a combination of vocabulary skills, luck and strategy. If you want to become a serious Scrabble player, improve your game by trying the tips above.


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