How To Increase Your Music Sight Reading Speed

Speed reading music allows you to read at closer to your thinking speed like reading words. Speed sight readers of music can read any music, in any key pretty much flawlessly. When you heed the advice of the pointers below, your music appreciation will even be enhanced with your prowess of music sight reading speed.

  • Know your notes and music symbols by heart. This is a basic ground rule. It is essential to learn them all so that in due time with just a glance, you will instantly recognize inversions, intervals, chords, crescendos and arpeggios.
  • It helps to be a fast sight reader. One of the quickest methods to speed up your turnover time is to be exemplary at sight reading. If you can sight read to a high standard, you've disposed of one phase that many find very time consuming, which is learning the notes.
  • Practice makes perfect. If you read at for instance two measures per minute and practice your concentration and eye focus, you will eventually reduce regressions and your speed will improve dramatically. You will in turn also be able to read music without your instrument and have the ability to hear clearly all the individual parts or voices in your head and assign any instrumentation you want.
  • Find a book with lots of tunes. It is important not to be restricted to one genre of music. To be a great musician and a quick music sight speed reader, you should get the hang of various music cadences. In this regard, your body and mind will get used to being more flexible and open to various sounds and will thus make your body more in tune with music’s intricacies.
  • Solitude is good. When you practice, surely you want to relieve external pressures so you can focus properly. Make some time aside to play alone. Get accustomed to the sound of your own playing. Using Celtic or Old Time folk music lets you practice by yourself since orchestral music has a multitude of random rests while others play their parts. From here choose a tune and keep playing it so that you will naturally get a feel of it.
  • Increase your speed. Play faster until your fingers are flying through the piece.  You will find that your eyes may be wandering but you are still playing the tune. All of a sudden you will find that you have it memorized not only the tune, but you in turn have also improved your eye-hand connection.

When you consistently practice your skills over time you will be able to reliably retain in memory, just enough music so that when you turn a page, there will scarcely be any interruption in the flow of the piece. It may not be critical for music sight readers to speed read in order to play a piece correctly, but what you can do is get some of the speed readers swell techniques to improve your music sight reading speed.


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