How To Join a Book of the Month Club

It is easy to join a book of the month club. The hardest part is deciding which book club to join. There is  the Mystery Book Club, Book of the Month club and book clubs for children, Literary Guild Book Club and a book club that offers books published in large print.  Before joining any book club it would be wise to first know about their fees and the purchasing obligations required. Also give thought to the amount of books you will be required to purchase during your membership and the age of the free incentive books. Some might be outdated, books that do not interest you, or those that you have already read. It would be wise to always read the small print prior to joining and discover amount of books that you are obliged to purchase in a specific amount of time.

  1. Join a book club after making your selection of free books from those being offered as an incentive to becoming a member.
  2. Check out each of the books to make sure you have not already read them. You might have taken out a few from in the library at one time, or have already read the soft cover edition. Some books offered are not always brand new.
  3. Select the total number of books that the specific book club is offering free just for joining.  Locate the membership card and be prepared to join the club.  Fill in your name, address, phone number and all other pertinent information requested and required to join the book of the month club.
  4. Write the titles of your selections in each of the spaces allocated or put check marks next to the titles of the free books. They will also ask that you place an order to purchase your first book. This book can be selected from another list that contains only the newly published books.
  5. Go over your order and recheck the personal information and everything related to joining a book of the month club. Make sure that you want to join this particular club because once you sign up you are under obligation to retain the membership for the specific amount of time stated. Write your credit card number and any other pertinent information needed on the application.
  6. Be absolutely certain that this is the book club for you or do not join.  Search the Internet for another type of book of the month club that might be more to your liking or taste in the selection of books they offer.



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