How To Join a Free Book Club

Reasons to join. There are many reasons to join a book club.  For some, the idea of expanding and enjoying their hobby with others is a very validating experience.  Yet others may choose to join for the satisfaction of talking about the deeper meanings, or personal connections, they have with the books.  For others, it is just something to do on a Friday night that employs little risk to the attendees (as opposed to hanging out at a club, for instance).

Another reason to join a book club is for its ability to allow each member to experience different cultures and surroundings together, yet without the expense of having to actually travel.  Sometimes thoughts of what could be are often grander and more enjoyable than what truly is.

People often find that making deep, true friendships does not take long in book clubs.  Perhaps the reason for this is that while discussing story lines and characters, people are quick to relate the detail to their own lives.  So, you learn a lot about each other in a relatively short period of time.  While some, more reserved, individuals may find this as a possible determent from joining a book club, this should not be so.  For, while it easy to share personal information, it is also just as easy to keep your own life to yourself, because you have something else (the book's subject) to discuss.  So, friendships are strong, because the club's experience is usually a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Finding the right book club. Once you have decided to join a free book club, the next decision you must make is which one.  Some questions to consider are:

  • What do you want to get out of the experience?
  • Will your reading tastes be the same as others in the group?
  • What will be the pace of the reading?

If you join a book club for the sole purpose of wanting to discuss the book in depth, such as character analysis and the meaning behind setting descriptions, you may be better fitted for a book club that focuses on literature.  Books in this classification lend themselves for these sort of experiences, as they are meant to be read over and over, each time allowing for new experiences, depending upon what the reader brings with him or her.

However, if you would prefer just a quick chit-chat about the book, but not necessarily a long, drawn-out discussion about each detail, you should look for book clubs that emphasize quicker, or less thought-provoking reads.  These types of books are often the type of books that become best-sellers, as everyone can enjoy them, and while you may wish to re-read them, generally the experience is the same each time the book is read.


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