How To Join Stardoll

Stardoll is conceptualized around the paper doll idea. Join Stardoll if you love dolls, fashion trends, and the Internet because it is the biggest online fashion and gaming community. You can create characters and you have a chance to dress up your favorite celebrities. You can also make friends, achieve fame and create a fashion trend. You can also earn money while playing. Below are steps and guides on how to join Stardoll.

Visit You can already create a Stardoll before joining the website. Explore the fun at Stardoll before signing up. If you decided to join Stardoll, just click the “join now” button. Create a unique nickname then indicate your birth date and create a password. Click the “I agree” button to certify that you agree to the Stardoll’s terms and conditions.

Regular membership. You can create your own suite in a regular membership. You can also already dress-up your Stardoll and you have a free gift of 20 stardollars which you can use to buy additional furniture, clothes, and accessories.

It’s easy to determine your designing skill level because you can see how many people are viewing your profile. You also have a guestbook where people can give comments and suggestions regarding your account. Entice people by writing in the “about me” box. Make a presentation about yourself so people can know how fabulous you are.

Join the superstar membership. Through this membership, you’ll have exclusive access to Starplaza and live the superstar life in your classy suite. Adopt lovable kitten, puppies and other domestic pets. What’s more fabulous is you can have your own clothing line and sell your designs in StarBazaar. Make daily updates so people can know what’s hot about your career as a fashion designer. You can also give luxurious gifts to friends and host fabulous parties. Select you country of residence to convert the charges.

Go Play. Select a face contour, eyelashes, lips, nose, eyes, hair, mouth, and eyebrows for your Stardoll. Customize your own doll by putting make-up, and dressing-up your doll. Click the continue button to save the doll that you have created.

Explore the other features of Stardoll. You have a beauty parlor where you can easily change make-up, hairstyle, clothes, and jewelry. Write a blog so people can know your experiences in the online fashion world; attach an image into your every post to make them more enticing. Practice your interior design skills in making motif for your bazaar.

Celebrities and brands participating in Stardolls. The participating celebrities are Alyson Michalka, Alberta Ferreti, Amy Diamond, Amanda Michalka, Augustus Prew, Ahsley Tisdale, Darin, Faith Hill, Hillary Duff, Kat Von D, Pussycat Dolls, Robert Pattinson, Eva Longoria, Kristen Stewart, and Michael Jacson. Every participating celebrity has a short biography which makes fans more excited. You can also determine other users who dress-up like your favorite celebrities.

Examples of participating brands on Stardoll are Baby Phat, Miss Sixty, Milky $ Becky Rosso, OTTO, and Garden Variaty. Previous participating labels are DKNY, Sephora, Stuff by Hillary Duff, ELLE, and Mary-Kate and Ashley.

Stardolls is a great start if you want a career as a fashion designer. Mix gaming with studies. Learn fashion trends and theories. With dedication, and skills, you’ll be a top fashion designer someday.


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