How To Join Urban Book Clubs & Get Free Books

A book club is a group of people who have a passion for books. Members choose a book to read then discuss it on a set date. Membership also allows availing of books at discounted rates.  Before you make your own book club, try the following steps to find one near you.

  • Ask your friends or acquaintances. The best people to ask would be the people that you know. Ask your friends or family if they are members of any book clubs. It would be better if you start out in a group where you already know someone. This allows you to be introduced easier to the other members. You’ll also feel more open when you have someone in the group that you already know.
  • Look for a book club near you. Search for public advertisements or notices about book clubs in your area.  Some publish their ads in newspapers or magazines or even announce it over the radio. It can be near your work place, your home, or your church. Some common areas where book clubs form are universities, churches, bookstores, communities, or libraries. The important thing is that it is close and accessible for you to go to at least once a week.
  • Decide on which one you want to join. Each book club has its own theme or preference. Some prefer to read books as requested or suggested by each member. Others, on the other hand, prefer a certain genre such as thriller, romance novels, latest hits, or the classics. The book selection should appeal to you. It is useless to join a club if you do not like their book selection. Your membership fee will also go to waste if you do not like the books available.
  • Talk to the members. See if you can get to know some of them. Ask a short feedback about the club, the books, and other benefits. The best way to learn about the book club is from its members. It also a good way of making new friends or establishing relationships with people in the community. You may be shocked that you have more in common than just a love for books.
  • Read their current book selection. Read the book selected for the month or week. Browse through it and take note of certain sections that you enjoyed.
  • Attend a meeting. Come early and bring any refreshments or snacks if necessary. Remember that you are new to the group so it would be best to put your best foot forward. Listen at first, then when you get a hang of it throw in some inputs. Find a balance between listening and speaking. This is a book club and everyone has the right to share what she feels. There is no right or wrong answer.
  • Enjoy your membership. Once your membership has been approved, you can avail of several books depending on the terms of your membership. Some offer books at extremely discounted prices. Prices would range from 99 cents to $5.00. Some give out books for free as long as you pay for an introductory membership fee.

Enjoying books doesn’t have to be lonely and expensive. Book clubs allow you to share your love for books with others who have the same passion. You can also enjoy a great selection of books at very low prices or for free. It allows you to escape from your busy life and let your imagination run wild.


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