How To Keep Dodgeball Safe

Dodgeball is one of the most enjoyable games ever invented. It's a popular favorite among school-age kids, and more recently, among adults as well. The key to making dodgeball fun is to keep everyone involved for as long as possible. Nobody wants to be the one who gets hit by the ball in the first five seconds of the game and then has to sit on the bleachers for thirty minutes. In order to keep it fun, you should always have a rule that if one team makes a basket from the half court line then everyone on their team gets back in. This keeps everyone excited throughout the entire game. If they're not playing, they're cheering. Another key factor is keeping the game safe. Here's how to play dodgeball safely.

  1. The first thing you need to do is purchase between eight and twenty Gator Balls. These are balls that feel like nerf but fly very well. The only time someone can get hurt by a ball is if they are hit in the face from close range. Gator Balls are also extremely durable.
  2. The second thing you need to do is sit down everyone who will be participating in the game and explain the rules to them. There should be several rules that always must be obeyed.
  3. The number one rule is that if a player is hit in the neck or above, they are not out. This will keep others from aiming high. If someone is seen deliberately aiming high, they should be taken out of the game, or at least given a warning. If you do go the warning route, just make sure you sit them out the second time. Otherwise, you will be taken advantage of in the future. Earn their respect and things will go smoothly. By the way, firm but fair works. Yelling does not.
  4. Another rule that should be set is that if someone steps over the half court line, they will be eliminated (for the time being). This will keep the players from getting too close to their opponents, especially if you enforce the rule.
  5. The final safety rule that should be set is that if a player is called out, they must go directly to the bleachers, or whatever designated area you're using. This will prevent them from making unnecessary throws for fun or due to frustration. This is important because if someone on the other team thinks that player is out, they will not be paying attention to him and will be caught off guard. If someone breaks this rule they should be out of the game until the next one begins.

Many schools don't allow dodgeball today. They're taking a great experience away. Hopefully, schools will figure out the safe way to play the game.


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