How To Knit a Baby Blanket for Beginners

Knitting may be challenging at first, but as you get familiar with the basic stitches, you will become better as you practice. You can make this as your hobby and create different things like belt, purse and hat. One of the easiest things that you can make from knitting is a baby blanket. This is a good project for beginners. If you’re expecting a baby, you can try knitting a blanket. You will feel the joy knowing that you personally made the blanket that your baby will use. This will take a long time to do. You may want to start doing this while you’re still pregnant so it will be ready on your baby’s arrival. You can do this when you’re bored and you have nothing to do.

To knit a baby blanket for beginners, here’s what you need to do.

  • Purchase the materials. The materials that you will need for knitting a baby blanket are straight knitting needles, medium sized yarn, size H crochet hook and yarn needle. Make sure to use light yarns so the blanket will not be too heavy for the baby. You should also pick yarns that are soft to baby’s skin like washable wool, organic cotton or acrylic baby yarn. These will make the baby feel more comfortable. Use colorfast materials so that the blanket’s color will not fade even after washing it several times. Choose pastel colors so that it will be more pleasing to the eyes. The size of the baby blanket you will be knitting is up to you. However, the usual size for a baby blanket is 32x36 inch.
  • Check how many stitches you can cast on. The yarn label will show you how many stitches you can cast on. You need to determine this so that you can calculate the amount of yarn you need to use. Let’s say that the label of the yarn says that you can cast 17 stitches with a 4x4 inch swatch used on a needle, which is size 8. Since you will be making 32 inches baby blanket, divide 32 inches by 4 inches so you will know how many 4x4 inch swatches you will need. 32 inches divided by 4 inches is 8 inches. You will need 8 of 4x4 inch swatch. Determine how many stitches you will cast by multiplying the number of swatch you need to the number of stitch you can cast per swatch. The number of swatch you need is 8, multiply by the number of stitch you can cast per swatch, which is 17. The total number of stitches you need to cast is 136 stitches.
  • Cast 136 stitches on the needle. Knit stitch should be done on every stitch, which you cast on the first row. Do a purl stitch on the second row. Do knit stitch and purl stitch alternately on each row until your blanket is 32x36 inches or the size you prefer. If you’re not familiar how to do knit and purl stitches, there are different sites on the Internet that  offer guides on how to do these.
  • Finish knitting the blanket. Single crochet blanket using crochet hook and yarn. You can use yarn with different color than the one you used for the blanket.

The baby blanket you made will wrap your baby with the warmth of your love. You can also embroider the baby’s name to make it more personalized.


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