How To Knit a Basic Stash Afghan

What's a basic stash afghan? If you're a knitter, you probably have what's known as a "stash," a collection of yarn that you just couldn't live without but have never made the project you were intending with it. A stash also includes those little tidbits of extra yarn left over from a project. They're not big enough to make another project, but there's just too much of them to throw away. What's a crafty knitter to do with all those bits and pieces? Use them to create a cozy stash afghan, just in time for fall and winter knitting.

  1. The first step to knitting a basic stash throw is to get all your yarns together by color and weight. You're going to need to use the same basic weight (such as all knitting worsted) yarns, because if you mix different weights, your afghan will come out in different sizes, and that won't work at all.
  2. Once you've separated your yarns into the different weight you'll be using, separate them by color groups. That way, you can combine the colors into a pleasing design that will come out looking like you thoughtfully planned your stash afghan, rather than just throwing colors together that might not work next to each other. For example, place all your blue shades together, all your purple shades, all your red shades, and so on.
  3. Choose the right needles for your yarn's weight. Most yarn labels will tell you what size needle to use for the yarn's weight. Use that needle to knit your basic afghan, and you'll be sure the gauge will be perfect, and your afghan will be warm and cozy.

There are two ways to create a pretty, functional basic throw with your stash. One way is to simply cast on stitches to reach the width you want your afghan to be. You can use a simple garter stitch pattern, changing colors in rows that combine to make a colorful throw for your couch or a blanket to snuggle underneath on cold winter nights. Another option would be to create knitted squares to sew together to make the afghan, kind of like a knitted patchwork quilt. The squares could use up smaller bits of yarn, and if you have more of several colors, you could repeat them for a pattern in the throw.

Whatever method you choose, you can create a basic stash afghan with yarn you already own, keeping you warm and saving you money at the same time, and that's a very good thing!


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