How To Knit a Beanie with Straight Needles

Some beginners in knitting are often afraid to try knitting other things like booties and gloves because they think that it’s hard to do. They prefer knitting blankets and scarves because these seem easier to make. If you are learning how to knit, after knitting blankets and scarf, you can try knitting other things like the ones mentioned above to become better at this craft. You can also try knitting a beanie for kids or even for a grown up. This can be worn especially when the weather is cold. If you don’t have a circular needle, you can always use straight needles for knitting.

Here are the steps on how to knit a beanie with straight needles.

  • Get the measurement. Measure the circumference of the head of the child or person who will wear the beanie. Measure the area where the bottom part of the beanie will be placed. The average head circumference of a 3 year old is 20 inches. Check the label of the yarn to see how many stitches you can make. A 4x4 swatch will give you 17 stitches. If the circumference of the head is 20 inches, you will need 5 of the 4x4 swatch. This will give you 85 stitches. Calculate base on the head’s circumference. For this example, let’s use 20 inches for the head circumference.
  • Cast stitches on the straight needle. Since you will need 85 stitches for the head circumference, cast 85 stitches on the straight needle. Start knitting the beanie. The method depends on what you prefer. Stockinette stitch, garter stitch or ribbed stitch can be used. If you will use stockinette stitch, knit stitch one row then purl stitch the next row. Knit stitch the odd rows and purl stitch the even rows. If you will use garter stitch, knit stitch all rows. If you will use ribbed stitch, start with knit stitch then purl stitch then knit stitch again. Do knit and purl stitch alternately on each row.
  • Shape the beanie. Continue your chosen method of knitting until the beanie is ¾ of the desired length. Once it’s already ¾ of the desired length, you can start shaping the beanie. To shape the beanie, decrease the stitches you make on both ends. You can decrease about 2 or 3 stitches per row on both ends. Continue decreasing the stitches on each row until there are only 4 stitches left on the needle.
  • Bind the beanie. Once there are only 4 stitches on the needle, bind the yarn so that it will lock on the top. Sew the seam to complete your beanie.

If you don’t want to shape the beanie, you can continue knitting to the top without decreasing the stitches. You can be creative by using different yarn colors. You can use crochet hook if there are dropped stitches on the beanie. You can wrap the beanie you made on a gift wrap or you can put it in a pretty box and give it as a present to your child or a kid. You can use the favorite color of the one you will be giving the present to so that they will be happier.


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