How To Knit a Checkerboard

After learning the basic stockinette stitch, one can create an array of other things, like a checkerboard pattern. Knitting a checkerboard is simple, so don't panic. Fast, easy, this five step pattern will add spice to a range of things.


  • Set of Knitting Needles, Size 8
  • Different Colored Yarn
  • Yarn Needle

Now, let's get started!

  1. Using one needle and one colored yarn, cast on 21 stitches, using any preferred casting on method.
  2. Knit, in a stockinette stitch, approximately 41 rows. Be sure to knit as tightly as possible or your stripes will be loose. Also, remember to knit every end stitch so your ends won't curl. Cast off and knot the end.
  3. Pull a piece from your other yarn and cut it four inches longer than the width of your project.
  4. To start the checkerboard pattern, place your sample with the purl side up, the ribbing of the knit stitch facing down. Use the small yarn needle and thread the second yarn in its eye. Starting on the left side, count up two purl stitches from the bottom and push your needle up along the knitted edge of the purl side, right above the second purl stitch, pulling until your yarn has two inches.
  5. Keeping your needle straight, use it to count over towards the right side two purl stitches (all in the same line) and, this time, push your needle down towards the bottom. Continue to use your needle to move over two more purl stitches, weaving up and down until you reach the edge of the piece. (Note: you should always end with your needle pointing down so your knots will be hidden on the backside of the piece.)
  6. Repeat this step one more time for a thicker stripe.
  7. The next row will start two purl stitches in, over its opposite color on the row below, ending two stitches before the below as well.
  8. Repeat step four and five until only one row is left. Tie all loose ends.

Congratulations! You now have the ability to redesign a variety of things, from scarves to purses, making them unique in your own style.


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