How To Knit a Doll

Knitting is a method where one makes cloth or other things out of thread or yarn. It is a good way to relax and more and more people are starting to pick up knitting as one of their hobbies.

If you’re a knitter who is looking for how to knit a doll, follow these steps to learn how to do one:

Materials needed. Here are the materials that you will need to knit a 12-inch doll: small amounts of double knit yarn in your choice of colors, a set of US#3 knitting needles and stuffing. Keep in mind that you will need less than 3 ounces of yarn unless you use the cotton kind. You will be using them for your doll’s body parts so be mindful of what color to choose for the feet, legs, arms, body and face.

For this particular project, you will be following a gauge of 26 stitches and 52 rows to 4 inches or 10 centimeters over garter stitch.

Make leg patterns. Pick your color choice for shoes and legs and cast on 26 stitches and knit 16 rows. You need to cut your shoe and leg color and join in the color you will be using for your doll’s pants. Knit 42 rows and cast off. Make 2 patterns for the legs.

Body and head pattern. By using the same color you used for your doll’s pants, cast on 52 stitches and knit 16 rows. Change to the color you will be using for your doll’s shirt and knit 42 rows. After that, change to the color you want for your doll’s skin and knit 40 rows. After doing so, cut your yarn. Leave a long tail in doing so and thread it through the live stitches. Once you pull it nice and tight, fasten it off.

Arm patterns. Use the same color you picked for your doll’s skin and cast on 20 stitches and knit 10 rows. Switch to the color you have used for your doll’s shirt and knit 46 rows before casting it off. Make 2 arm patterns as well.

Doll-making. Once you have all the patterns ready, you are now ready to make your doll. Take a hold of the “body” pattern and fold it in half. Sew on its long side. Make sure that this seam runs down on your doll’s back. Get your stuffing and fill your doll with it. Sew the bottom seam to close it. To make a neck, you have to gather a yarn around the neck portion and pull it tightly. Your doll’s face is now ready to be embroidered on. To add the arms and legs, you need to fold each pattern lengthwise and sew seams on each long edge. Sew ends after you stuff them and sew each “stuffed” part to your doll’s body.

Finishing touches. Now that you have successfully knitted your doll, you now have the option to add hair to make it more beautiful. Regardless if you want your doll to have long hair or not, it is best to embroider its face first to give you a better idea on how you want your doll to look like.

Knitting dolls are easy and fun!  You can start knitting dolls for special occasions. They make inexpensive and thoughtful gifts and will surely bring a smile on any little girl’s face! 


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