How To Knit a Fringe Scarf

When knitting a scarf with fringe find out what color the recipient favors. It is recommended that you buy a solid color yarn in that color or a variegated variety of yarn with graduated shades of the color.  Either way by choosing their favorite color the person receiving the scarf will know you were knitting with them in mind.

It is recommended to only use one color and not mix colors (as in trying to use up bits of leftover yarn.) The design of the scarf will show up best if the same color is used.

  1. To start - Find out the recipients favorite color. Purchase 6 ounces of worsted weight yarn, maybe a little more "just in case."  It is always better to have too much yarn than too little.  The extra yarn can always be used for other projects, right?  You will also need size 11 knitting needles. If you wish--make a gauge.

    4 stitches=1 inch; 11 rows=2 inches.  (Dropped Stitch: 2 knit and 1 dropped stitch=1 inch; 7 rows=2 inches.)

  2. Drop Stitch Scarf - Holding both needles together, cast on 40 stitches. Pull out one needle.
    • First row: Knit 3, *YO, k2 tog, k1. Repeat from * across, ending with k2 (instead of k1) 40 stitches.
    • Second row: K1, purl across to last st, k1.
    • Third row: K across.
    • Repeat 2nd and 3rd rows alternately for 38 inches ending with second row.
    • Next row: K3, *drop next stitch, YO, k2. Repeat from * across ending with k3 (instead of k2).
    • Bind off loosely knitting the stitches. Pull work so that all dropped stitches "run" down entire length of scarf.
    • Block to 12 x 58 inches.
  3. To block - Fasten the scarf to a sturdy surface, do not stretch it, just lay it on the surface and safely but securely fasten it.  Using a spray bottle filled with water, lightly mist the scarf.  Use your hands to gently pat the misty water onto and into the scarf fibers.  Let the scarf air dry for at least 24 hours. Do not release it until it is completely dry.
  4. Fringe - Cut 3 strands of yarn each 12 inches long. Double these strands to form a loop. With right side facing down insert crochet hook from back to front through a knit stitch on narrow edge and draw loop through. Draw loose ends through loop and pull up tightly. Make a fringe in every knit stitch on narrow end. Trim evenly.

Taking the time to knit a scarf with fringe is almost as good as saying, "I care about you," or "You're in my thoughts."  Every time the "giftee" puts the scarf on they will be thinking of you. There is no better feeling than that.


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