How To Knit a Hat

Knitting a hat is a worthwhile hobby. You can make ordinary, everyday-wear hats or you can make even fashionable hats and sell them to friends. If you know how to knit, then knitting a hat should be as easy as A-B-C! Before we proceed to the steps in knitting a hat, you have to prepare first the materials you will need:

  • Yarn (For winter hats, it is best for you to use wool. For summer hats, cotton is recommended though it won’t be quite as stretchy)
  • A US 10 circular 16” long needle
  • Stitch markers to keep track of certain stitches while you knit

The best way to make sure that your hat will fit is to measure your head in inches and then knit a sample with your yarn and the needles you will be using in order to find out how many stitches you will need per inch. This is also called your gauge.

Now let’s do our math. Multiply the number of inches you got by measuring your head by the number of stitches you knit per inch.

Example: Multiplying 21 inches by 4 stitches/inch equals 84 stitches. You might want to round down to a number that is easily divisible by eight. That will make it easy to decrease later. Rounding down is better than rounding up because a hat that is tiny and a bit too small will stretch but a hat that is too big will fall off. You are ready to knit now. Be sure to carefully follow the steps.

  1. Cast on the number of stitches you just calculated. Join the cast on stitches but be careful not to twist your stitches—twisted rounds cannot be fixed.
  2. Keep knitting. Once you have knit 6 to 7 inches, try your hat on. If it seems short, keep knitting. If it is long enough, it is time to start decreasing.
  3. Place your stitch markers. On your next round, place a stitch marker every 8 stitches. Knit to two stitches before the marker and then decrease. Continue this way around your hat. You will keep decreasing every row until you finish the top of your hat. After decreasing for a while, you will notice that the opening at the top of your hat is getting smaller and smaller. When things get too tight to keep knitting comfortably, you can pull little loops off the cable out of the stitches so that you can continue.
  4. Finishing your hat. Once you have 4 stitches left on your needle, you are ready to cut your yarn. Now, take a crochet hook and pull the yarn tail through your remaining few stitches in order to tighten the top of your hat. Pull the yarn tail through the top of the hat using a crochet hook. Cut the yarn tail down to about 6 inches long then weave in the yarn’s ends using a crochet hook.

Congratulations and enjoy your new hat!


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