How To Knit a Slip Stitch Honeycomb Pattern

A slip stitch is the easiest knitting or stitching technique you can do. It is repetitive and it can stretch to longer stitches. Slip stitches are good transitions for carrying over various colors that you have knitted from a previous row as well. The honeycomb pattern is a kind of slip stitch that looks pleasing to the eye. It is called “honeycomb” because the pattern it creates resembles the shape of a honeycomb but sometimes it’s called the loop pattern. Honeycomb stitches are the fastest to make so if you are eager to make those pot holders and knitted socks, here is how you knit them using the slip stitch honeycomb pattern:

  • Use complementing colored yarn. In getting the recommended colors of yarn to use for your honeycomb stitching, use the colors that complement and not contrast. Honeycomb patterns look continuous and colors that blend well will make them appear unified. Unless you want to be adventurous with colors or you want to knit a wild color pattern, you can use different contrasting colors but it is highly recommended to use complimenting ones. If you have been knitting for awhile, you can use left over yarn balls to save on some materials.
  • Prepare your materials. Use 1 ball of 50 grams/200 yards of weight yarn of different colors of the same family of hue. You need a knitting needle that is recommended for this stitch as stated in the ball band, usually a size 2.5mm circular knitting needle.
  • Start your honeycomb knit stitching. You will need to stitch a repeat of 8 stitches for the first row with the first main color of yarn. Multiply the number 8 with the number of stitches to repeat this pattern over.

After knitting the first row of stitches of the main color, purl them on the second row using another color with a complementing color. When knitting another pattern 6 stitches, switch to the original color yarn but slip 2 knit wise. The third row knitting should form the pattern: K6, S12, KW.

Follow the previous step for the rows 4, 5 and 6.

Row 7 should knit all stitches using the complementing color yarn and for row 8, purl the stitches together using the same complementing color yarn (not the original yarn).

For row 9, switch back to the original color yarn knitting two stitches while you slip 2 stitches then knitting 6 more stitches. The ninth row knitting should follow the pattern: K2, S12, K6 and ending the row with four stitches or K4.

Repeat the previous step for the next 10, 11 and 12 row patterns.

If you haven’t achieved the length you desire, just repeat all the steps over until you complete the project. End the knitting by repeating the pattern for row 6 or row 12 and finally you should bind the project off.

Now you know how to knit the honeycomb pattern slip stitch, you can do various projects using it. It can be an attractive potholder, a glass coaster, mittens or socks. You can knit something for your loved ones as a gift for the holidays as well. Hand made gifts are always cherished and appreciated.


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