How To Knit a Snake Toy

Knit toys are a fun and interesting way to use your craft skills. Toys can be quick to knit, and animals with simple shapes, such as snakes, are easy to make. You will need to know how to cast on, knit, and sew a seam in order to knit a snake toy. With these basic skills, you will be able to knit snake toys, along with a whole menagerie of other knit toys.

First, select a yarn. Striped snakes are easy and fun to make, or you could choose a solid color. Variegated yarns will produce stripes or other patterning without any extra work. Once your yarn is chosen, select a pair of knitting needles appropriate for the weight of yarn. Heavier yarns will require larger needles, lighter weight yarns will require small needles.

Knit a small swatch to determine your gauge. This is done by casting on 20 stitches, knitting a few rows, binding off, and then measuring how many stitches there are in one inch. Once you have done this, decide on the circumference of snake you want to make - for example, 4 inches around.

Multiply the number of stitches in one inch (for example, 5 stitches to the inch) by the desired circumference (for example, 4 inches), and cast on that number of stitches. In this case, you will cast on 20 stitches.

Work in any pattern you like for as long as you want the snake to be. For the simplest snake, simply knit every row (garter stitch). A stockinette stitch snake (knit all right side rows, purl all wrong side rows) would also be simple. Alternatively, you can use a more complicated stitch pattern such as chevrons or cables, to make it look more like snakeskin. Alternate colors if desired, or use only one color, depending on the type of snake you are making.

When the snake has reached the desired length, begin decreases for the tail. Knit two together at the beginning and end of every row until five stitches are left, then cut the yarn (leaving a long "tail"). Thread a tapestry needle and draw yarn through remaining stitches. Draw the yarn through these stitches once more.

Fold the snake in half lengthwise and sew the side seam, stuffing the snake with fiber stuffing, rice, beans, or any other stuffing you choose as you go. Before sewing the head, attach buttons or pieces of felt for eyes (or embroider them using French knots), and a piece of red felt for the tongue.


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