How To Knit Andalusian Stitch

The Andalusian stitch is a simple knitting stitch that people who are just coming to knitting can easily master. Though it is easy to accomplish, people who look to knit an Andalusian stitch will find the design durable and full of texture, providing a depth to whatever you are knitting. Another great benefit of knitting an Andalusian stitch is that it is fast: Once you understand the basic technique, you will be able to fly through this technique. By following these simple instructions, you will soon be on your way to a masterful Andalusian stitch:

  1. Gather the materials that you will need. Because this is a simple stitch, all you will need are knitting needles and the yarn you want to use for this project. When you knit the Andalusian stitch, any style of yarn can be used, so the choice is truly up to you.
  2. Using your favorite method of casting, cast on the stitches in multiples of two. For instance, ten would become twenty stitches.
  3. Now, you are ready to begin knitting the Andalusian stitch. When you knit the Andalusian stitch, you alternate in a pattern of four different styles. Every first row, you will knit across the entire panel. Then, you purl across the second row. The third row is the most complicated when you knit the Andalusian stitch: You knit one and then purl one, alternating across the entire row. The fourth row is another row that is purled the entire way across.
  4. Remember this pattern! These four basic rows comprise how you knit the Andalusian stitch. After you finish the first four rows, begin again with row one and start over. Repeat this process until you have accomplished your whole task.
  5. When you finish knitting the Andalusian stitch, bind off the pattern, perhaps with the basic bind-off.

When you knit the Andalusian stitch, consider using it to add subtle texture to blankets, hats, scarves, or any other knitting device. However, you should be aware that when you knit using the Andalusian stitch, both sides of the pattern do not end up the same. Thus, people looking for a more symmetrical knitting pattern would do well to avoid this process.

When you knit the Andalusian stitch, though it is a simple design, it can provide texture and interest to many decorative touches. Also, the versatility of the yarn choice when you knit the Andalusian stitch makes it a favorite for knitters.


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