How To Knit Flowers

Knitting is one of the traditional methods of making garments for the whole family by hand. Knitted garments never go out of style. Knitted items are so fashionable that you can find them anywhere all year round. There was a time when only older women with more time on their hands take up knitting but the art is definitely making a comeback and enjoying tremendous popularity among women of all ages. Even men are taking up knitting with some turning their hobby into a business. While you most frequently see knitted tops, hats, gloves and sweaters, you can also knot small items such as flowers. Take a look at the steps below on how to knit a simple four-petalled flower.

  • Step 1. Get your materials ready - 2.25mm knitting needles, one ball of 4-ply yarn of any color plus some scrap yarn of a different color of the flower center.  
  • Step 2. Cast on five stitches with your main color. You can us a single needle or double needle method to cast the foundation stitches. Five stitches will make you a small flower. If you need a bigger one cast on seven stitches. Just use odd numbers for even larger flowers. 
  • Step 3. For the first round, slip the first stitch. This will begin the decreasing method to lay the   foundation to give shape to the flower petal. Knit the next three stitches and leave the remaining stitch on the needle before turning your work. 
  • Step 4. Purl the first three stitches and leave the last stitch unworked like the previous round.  
  • Step 5. Repeat Steps 3 and 4, starting with knit stitch for the next row and purl stitch on the following round.  
  • Step 6. For this round, knit four stitches before your turn your work then purl two stitches together, purl the next stitch and purl the remaining two stitches. You will have a total of three stitches on this round. Turn your work to begin the next round.  
  • Step 7. Knit the first stitch and then knit two stitches together. Pass the remaining stitch on the left needle to the right needle. This will be the start of the foundation stitch for the next petal. Cast on an additional four or six more stitches depending on the size of your flower and repeat Steps 3 to 7 three more times to finish the four petals.  
  • Step 8. Once you have finished all the petals cut off the yarn, leaving a tail of about six inches. Pass the end of the yarn through the last stitch on the needle to lock the stitch. Thread the end of the yarn through a tapestry needle and turn the flower over. Slip the needle through two back stitches of each petal then pull the yarn tighter to pinch the flower in the middle to give it a more natural look. 
  • Step 9. Gather several strand of your scrap yarn. You can use yellow or any other color and make a big French knot. Sew this in the middle of the flower. If you do not have scrap yarn, use a small button or even a rounded piece of scrap felt.

The flower petals will naturally curl up. It is up to you to use it as is or to turn the petals so that it will curl downwards. Attach a safety pin to the back of the flower so you can use it on your dress, your bag or your headband. You can also glue it to a hair pin to accent your hair.


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