How To Knit Wool Slippers

Knitted wool slippers provide cozy warmth and comfort during cold nights. They protect your feet from the cold and at the same time give you cushiony support when you are walking inside the house. You can find plenty of free patterns on the web to knit wool slippers. Wool slippers do not need too much yarn. You can even use yarn scraps left over from different projects to create interesting combinations of colors and textures that can make your knitted wool slippers unique. Below are steps on how to knit wool slippers.

  • Buy knitting worsted in different colors, if you are planning to knit wool slippers for other people.For this pattern you will use size 8 or 5mm straight knitting needles. One skein is enough for one to make one pair of wool slippers but do check the yardage as this can different by manufacturer.   
  • Knit a swatch to see if you will be able to get the gauge. Sixteen stitches should be equivalent to four inches. If you cannot achieve the gauge, adjust your tension or switch to larger knitting needles.  
  • Cast on forty five foundation stitches. It does not matter how you cast on your foundation stitches. When you have achieved the recommended gauge you will be able to knit wool slippers with a good fit.  
  • For the first row knit across before turning to begin row two. Knit seven stitches, purl one stitch, knit twenty-nine stitches, purl one stitch and end with seven knit stitches to the end of the row. Turn and start the third row with seventeen knit stitches, followed by one purl stitch. Knit nine stitches, purl one stitch and end the row with seventeen knit stitches. Repeat the second and third rows thirty more times.  
  • Bind off the first seven stitches after you have turned the piece. And knit the rest of the stitches until you reach the end of the row. Turn the piece again and bind off the first seven stitches before doing knit stitches to the end of the row. You will be left with thirty-one stitches on the needle. Repeat the previous rows two and three once again for an additional twenty times for a medium sized slipper and twenty-eight times for a large slipper.  
  • Shape the toe of the wool slippers. For row one make two knit stitches, knit two stitches together until you are left with three stitches. Make knit stitches on these last three stitches. You will have eighteen stitches left. Knit evenly across each row for rows two, three and four. On the fifth row, knit two stitches together until the end of the row. You should be left with nine stitches after this row. Rows six, seven and eight should have knit stitches across. Work row nine with knit one stitch followed by knitting two stitches together up to the end of the row. You will have five stitches remaining after this. Turn the piece again and make knit stitches for row ten.  
  • Cut the yarn and leave a long tail, enough for you to use the tail to sew the toe. Push the end of the yarn into a tapestry needle and pick up the last five stitches from the knitting needle. Pull the yarn tightly so you can close the toe. Secure the toe with a knot and cut the yarn with a bit of tail. Weave this through the piece on the wrong side. Put a bit yarn on the tapestry needle once again and sew the seam at the heel. Secure the end with a knot and weave in part of the yarn into the wrong side of the slipper. Finish the other slipper.

These instructions will give you a moccasin style slippers with cuffs. Knitting worsted is firmer than other types of wool yarns and will make a sturdier pair of slippers that will hold their shape better. It does not prevent you from using other types of wool yarn, as long as you follow the right gauge.


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