How To Launch a Photography Career on MySpace

Launching a photography career can be very difficult without the right equipment. Now, in the day of computers and Internet, launching a photography career couldn’t be easier. There are many types of social networking sites that you can advertise you business on and one of the most popular of these is the social networking site MySpace. Don’t be overwhelmed if you don’t know where to begin; this article will explain how to launch, promote, and advertise your photography business.

Even if you already have a MySpace account you need to go to the MySpace website and create a new one. When launching your photography business you are going to need a completely separate account, this will be easier for you to keep business and pleasure separate. While you are creating your account you will be asked to create a display name, use your photography business’s name. Many questions will be asked as well, answer only questions that will help promote your business, i.e. city, state, email address, anything that will help others search for you and will help with your business promotion and bring in work for your company. When filling in the about me section of your profile, write a paragraph describing your photography company, kinds of events you do, and how long you have been doing photography, professionally and for fun.

When you are through answering a few questions, MySpace will then prompt you to upload some photos, one photo will be for everyone to see, and this will be your profile picture. The other photos you upload will be put in a photo album for people to check out on your profile page. Remember, you are trying to launch a photography business, only put pictures up that pertain to your work. It is not recommended that you put up photos of going out to the bar with your friends one weekend, this is what your personal MySpace account is for, always keep this separated.

After you have uploaded you photos, it is now time to start advertising, and launch your photography business. You need to promote. On your home page of your profile there is a friend tab where you can find all kinds of people from all over the world. Do a friend search for people your immediate area, and surrounding areas and send a quick email letting each person know who you are and mention in your email for each person you contact to take a look at your profile and photos, and to email you if they have any questions of concerns, or would like to book an appointment. Give it time and hard work and you will have plenty of costumers wanting you to take photos of their special moments.


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