How To Learn About Painting Pictures

Do you aspire to paint something exhibit-worthy and comparable to works of the great masters? Or maybe you want to take up painting as a hobby and for the fun of it. No matter what anybody tells you, it's never too late to do so. Try these suggestions if you want to know how you can learn about painting pictures but are intimidated to enroll in an art school.

Online Lessons

In this day and age, one can learn almost anything online. The Internet also serves as a medium of instruction. It provides an avenue for artists and art teachers to share their knowledge, techniques, and tips to students and fellow artists. Here are some suggestions:

  • Art Graphica is a website that gives free tutorials on painting (watercolor, oil painting, acrylic), drawing, and sketching, including art theory studies. For their free painting course, there are a variety of artists you can choose from, all dealing with different specializations and subject matter. Learn painting scenes of realism to painting wild, complex compositions.
  • BarryWaldman is an artist specializing in realism and classical painting techniques. He is an online art instructor at Interactive Art School. His fee is inclusive of all art sessions and materials, including a digital camera to be used by the student when he takes a photo of his completed artwork assignment, attach it as a file and send it to Waldman for comments and critique. He also offers free "mini" oil painting technique lessons and sample lessons for those interested in trying out the intensive course.
  • Julie is an artist who has gallery paintings at her studio in Upstate New York. She offers both free online lessons and the I Am Painting Tutorial Series that you can purchase and download in PDF format. You can also buy and download a PDF format version of her book, Beginners Guide to Painting with Acrylics. To know more about Julie's tutorials, go to I Am Painting.

Interactive DVD Course

An interactive DVD course gives you the advantage of learning in the comfort of your own home and at your own pace. No hassle in attending regular art school classes.

  • Learn and Master Painting with Galee Levée is a comprehensive instructional DVD program aimed at enhancing creativity and inspiring the ordinary person to create beautiful artworks. This kit contains 20 DVDs with video demonstrations and instructions, printed guides, painting supplies, and even 3 music CDs you can listen to while you're creating your own masterpiece. To know more about this kit, go to Creative Spotlite.
  • Trev Goodwin is a freelance artist specializing in portraits and contemporary painting. He paints because he loves to and he wants to share his passion and knowledge with other aspiring painters. He has condensed everything he knows about painting in 4 DVDs with eight hours worth of video, instructing would be students on his own techniques about painting images and painting scenes of their interest. If you want to know more about Goodwin's DVD art lessons, go to Learn to Oil Paint.


There are many books about painting pictures that's readily available in bookstores and Amazon, but you have to search carefully for beginner-friendly books. Choose books with accompanying illustrations and step-by-step instructions. Here are some top picks that would get you started on basic techniques and know-how:

  • The Big Book of Decorative Painting: How to Paint If You Don't Know How and How to Improve If You Do by Jackie Shaw
  • The Oil Painting Course You've Always Wanted: Guided Lessons for Beginners and Experienced Artists by Kathleen Staiger
  • Oil Painting for the Serious Beginner: Lessons in Becoming a Good Painter by Steve Allrich
  • Watercolor for the Absolute Beginner by Mark Willenbrink
  • First Steps Painting Watercolors by Cathy Johnson
  • Acrylic Painting Course by Catherine Calder
  • For Dummies Series: Watercolor Painting for Dummies, Oil Painting for Dummies, and Acrylic Painting for Dummies.


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