How To Learn Ballet

Ballet is a classic dance that benefits the physique in many ways. It can improve balance and coordination. It also improves focus, rhythm and posture. The different movements that ballet asks of the dancer evoke beauty and the graceful body movements relax the onlookers.

Ballet promotes physical fitness. This is one reason why ballet is slowly getting a good following. The movements in ballet help tone the muscles in the abdomen and back. The exercises that have to be executed improve the cardiovascular system. Having a healthy body relaxes the mind and spirit making it easier to face the day.

Traditionally, dancers need to undergo ballet class to be able to know how to do this dance form; anyone can actually learn how to dance ballet at home or on your own. You can make ballet dancing a hobby and benefit with having a well-toned body, creativity, poise and focus.

The least expensive way of learning ballet is by searching online for videos and ballet guides. Of course, if you prefer getting a DVD on the subject, just make sure that the steps are clearly outlined and seen on the video so that there is less chance of you making any mistakes in following the steps. If you have a book, it would help if there were photos or outlines of the steps.

The next thing that you need to prepare is the area that you will designate as your ballet studio. This should have enough floor space to accommodate the movements you will be making. Push around some furniture in your living room to a corner to create more space.

Before you try any movements, look for ballet shoes. It is better to buy ballet shoes which are made of leather rather than canvas since they last longer. Since you are just beginning, you can purchase cheaper ballet shoes from discount stores instead buying the expensive ones. Try on the shoes and make sure they fit comfortably and snugly.

Getting the right clothes for ballet is also important. Buying tight fitting "tights" will allow you to move more freely, which is needed as you do the movements in ballet. Of course, you would need a ballet barre. You need this for your balancing exercises. Since this is expensive, you could probably make do with any solid surface or rod that is at least just above or as high as your waist.

Before doing the movements, it is important that you do some warm-up exercises like bends and stretches. This is essential so that your body is limber enough to do the complex floor work needed in ballet.

Use the ballet barre as you do the steps you select. After a few sessions, you can try doing the steps without it. Just be sure to be careful when trying to do the big jumps and other slightly difficult ballet steps since you might get injured. It would be good if you can drop by a ballet class and see if you have been executing the steps correctly.

Remember, ballet dance can be learned, but it is going to be a process where commitment, focus and patience are needed to succeed.


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