How To Learn Ballet to Improve Flexibility

Dancing ballet is the dream for many young girls who want to move gracefully on stage while wearing the tutus. But there are also many adults who want to learn ballet as a way to improve their body’s flexibility. If you are one of these people, here are some steps that will help you learn ballet.

  • Choose a class. There are some things that you can learn by reading or by watching video tutorials of, but when it comes to ballet, you need to actually perform the skills that you learn. The only way to do this is by enrolling in a ballet class. Most major cities will offer ballet classes. If there are none in your area, you should consider enrolling in universities that offer ballet classes as part of the physical education curriculum.
  • Choose an instructor. After you have chosen your class, you should also look for a good instructor. There are some instructors that offer their services to almost anyone, but these often have expensive fees to be paid. The advantage with choosing your instructor, however, is that you can check their background and their teaching and professional skills in the field of ballet. When looking at the instructor’s background, make sure that the background has had proper training in ballet, has had years of experience, and knows how to teach. Even the best ballet dancer is useful if he does not know how to convey what he knows about ballet.
  • Listen to the proper technique. Once your class starts, make sure that you listen to your instructor very carefully. Ballet may seem easy at first, but what makes it so difficult to dance is the fact that you need proper form while executing the dance. This means that you your arms, your legs, your back, you posture, your hips, and your head should all be coordinated. Look at exactly how your ballet instructor performs all of the steps that is being taught. Everything from the way that the hips are moved, the way the turnout is carried out, and the movement of the body is part of the step.
  • Practice at home. You should also make sure that you practice the steps that you learn at home. It takes perseverance to be a flexible and professional ballet dancer, and you should be prepared to do your exercises at home. If you have work or school, you need to find time to include ballet practices into your schedule.
  • Install a barre. Finally, consider installing a barre in your own home. The barre is a rail where most of the ballet exercises are performed it helps you keep balance and is very useful for beginning ballet dancers. There are portable Barres that you can purchase, but as much as possible, you should install a real barre in your home, since a barre that is installed at the wall is always more stable.

Dancing the ballet in order to improve flexibility is not easy. But with time and plenty of practice, you should be able to do 180 degree turnouts in no time.


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