How To Learn Guitar Chords

The guitar is a fantastic instrument.  It is amazingly versatile and lends itself to all types of music.  You can get a guitar in all different shapes and sizes and then hook that guitar up to a wide variety of different devices that will change and form the instrument's sound.  It's no wonder that the guitar has become one of the most widely popular instruments over the past hundred years.

The guitar is an instrument that is easy to learn to play.  Many people take lessons to learn to play it, but it is just as easy to teach yourself.  Usually, the first step in learning to play guitar is to learn how to play guitar chords.

A chord is a combination of notes that are played simultaneously.  In terms of a guitar, you typically play a chord by strumming multiple strings at once while holding down certain strings in certain places.

To learn how to play guitar chords, you can either buy a chord book or even look up the chords online.  There are a number of sites online that offer free guitar chord guides.  You can find a number of sites just by using a search engine like Google and searching for "guitar chords".  You should look at a number of different sites and decide which site best suits you and your playing style.

On the chord sites, you will find an almost overwhelming variety of chords.  The easiest way to start learning to play guitar chords is to start with simple chords.  Start out by learning the G major, C major and D major chords.  These three chords make up many popular songs such as "Leaving on a Jet Plane" by John Denver and "Brown Eyed Girl" by Van Morrison.

When you first begin playing guitar, it is easy to get frustrated.  Since the instrument is new to your fingers, it may seem very difficult to get your fingers in the right places to make the chord sound right.  It may take you a few seconds to change chords and you probably won't be able to just play a song, yet.  Depending on the type of guitar strings you are using, you may also get some mild pain in your fingertips after playing for awhile.  This is natural.  Your fingers are usually soft at the tips and after playing guitar for a while, you will develop light calluses on the tips of your fingers.  The calluses will keep your fingers from hurting when you play.

Once you've got the hang of learning chords, it's time to get out there and learn some songs.  Bookmark your chord website and head over to  Ultimate guitar is a site that tells you the chords for thousands of songs, making them easy to learn and play.


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