How To Learn How Magnet Motors Work

Interested in how magnet motors work?  A magnet motor makes use of magnets to produce energy.  Magnet motors don’t depend on other sources of energy.  These motors generate power through natural magnetic forces.  Learn the processes involved with the functioning of magnet motors through the following methods. 

  1. Read articles.  Search online for ‘magnet motors’ to discover how these magnet motors work.  Type alternative words and phrases to get more results, such as ‘magnetic motors’, ‘magnetic generators’, ‘magnet alternators’, and others.  Try alternative subjects such as ‘electric magnets’, ‘magnetic wind’, or ‘neodymium magnets’ because these may have information regarding magnet motors as well.  Don’t limit your search to online articles.  Look for clippings of newspapers in the library, or read science magazines.   
  2. Read books.  Some books about physics and electronics have chapters that explain how magnet motors work.  Look at the table of contents to find these sections.  Search for books in the Internet; some online stores allow you to peer into the contents of the book.  Books provide the most researched information about subjects, but these are usually not up-to-date.  If you want current information regarding magnet motors, choose books that are printed recently.
  3. Watch videos.  There are plenty of videos on the Internet that show how magnet motors work.  Type ‘magnet motors’ and similar phrases to get a list of videos to watch.  There are videos that are viewed at websites for free, while some are downloaded.  Others are put up for sale; buy them from science websites and online stores.
  4. Join online discussion groups.  These groups provide an avenue for discussion among people with similar interests.  Join an online group that focuses on science, physics, magnets, motors, and other subjects that are related to magnet motors.  Read the discussions about how magnet motors work.  If you don’t find these types of discussions, post your own topic and inquire about magnet motors. 
  5. Join science clubs.  Being a member of science clubs make you learn more about scientific knowledge, including how magnet motors work.  Ask around to know whether other club members have ideas about this topic.  If not, band together and research on this topic.  Collect the information you have gathered and hold discussions.
  6. Interview people.  Meet the experts and talk about how magnet motors work.  People to interview are professors, scientists, engineers, electricians and the like.  If you don’t know these kinds of people, look them up in the yellow pages and call them up.  Use social networking sites to find them easier.  Chat with them and ask for an interview.
  7. Get a magnet motor.  Having your own magnet motor at home means you get to watch it first hand.  If you have done previous research on magnet motors, studying the motor consolidates the information you have gathered. Owning a magnet motor means you don’t have to research again in case you forgot something.  Just looking at the motor is usually enough to jog your memory.
  8. Make your own magnet motor.  There are videos and tutorials available to teach you how to make a simple magnet motor of your own.  Building one yourself makes you know the parts that comprise a magnet motor and the methods to do to make it work.   Building a magnet motor makes you remember the knowledge you have gained in building it.

When you have gathered information by using these methods, write down what you have learned.  Organize the information by making use of outlines, diagrams, and footnotes.  Research more if you find that you need to know more about magnet motors to increase your learning and improve your thinking skills.


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