How To Learn More About Metal Spinning

Metal spinning is a form of metal bending that involves spinning metal at high speeds to produce a rounded or symmetric shape.  Metal spinning is used to create a wide range of items such as decorations, kitchen utensils, metal cylinders, and musical instruments, to name a few.  Use the following sources of information to learn more about metal spinning.

  1. Websites -  Find websites about metal spinning by using an Internet search engine.  Helpful keywords are ‘metal spinning,’ ‘metal bending,’ and similar phrases.  There are plenty of websites that give a variety of information about metal spinning; to simplify your search, specify what you want to learn more about metal spinning, such as metal spinning techniques, equipments, metal stampings, and so on.
  2. Workshops and seminars -  Learn more about metal spinning by participating in workshops and seminars that train and educate their participants about metal spinning matters.  Visit to learn how to attend metal bending classes.
  3. Videos -  Watch videos of metal spinning on  Type ‘metal spinning,’ ‘metal bending,’ and other similar terms, in the search box to find a list of videos that you can watch for free.  Buy DVDs about metal spinning from websites and stores.
  4. Articles -  Read online articles about metal spinning for free.  Check out online encyclopedias and how-to-do websites such as to learn plenty of helpful information about this topic. 
  5. Books -  The Art of Metal Spinning: A Step-By-Step Guide to Hand-Spinning by Paul G. Wiley is a must-read for those who are interested in this ancient art.  The book guides the readers about techniques and tools of sheet metal bending, sheet metal forming, sheet metal fabrication and metal stampings.  Look for more books about metal spinning and related subjects in online bookstores and your local bookshop.
  6. Forums -  Finding online forums about metal spinning is easy if you utilize a search engine.  Register on these sites to get access to these forums.  Read the discussions and post your own topic if you have any questions.  Check out the links section and browse the files; there are good sources of information waiting for you at these places.
  7. Interviews -  The best way to learn about metal spinning is from the experts themselves.  Interview people who are doing metal spinning for a variety of purposes.  They are found by using the yellow pages and looking up ‘metal spinners.’
  8. Social networking -  Find metal spinners and metal spinning companies in social networking sites.  Registering on these sites is free and easy; all you have to do is give a username, a password and an e-mail address and you’re all set.  Search for metal spinners by typing ‘metal spinners’ in the search box, and find metal spinners to talk and learn from.

Use these sources according to how much you want to understand metal spinning.  To get a general idea about metal spinning, reading articles about it is adequate.  If you want to know the details, history and background of metal spinning, read books and make interviews.  If you want to practice metal spinning yourself, watch videos and attend workshops.  No matter what you plan to learn, seek information only from reliable sources.



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