How To Learn Owl Calls

You heard certain calls and you know that these are of an owl. Although you are afraid of the dark, you can’t help it but to give in to the beauty of the owl calls. You might even be dreaming to have some owls in your barn or garden along with your favorite fake plastic elf.

You can surely attract some owls to your barn or garden. You just need to learn the owl calls. You don’t have to worry if you’re afraid of the dark because learning how the owls call is just as easy as 1-2-3.

Take some of these suggestions if you want to learn how an owl calls:

  • Be nocturnal. Most owls are nocturnal aside from the Burrowing Owls. So, you will usually hear these beautiful birds singing in the night. Familiarize yourself with the sounds, because these are the owl calls. In no time, you will know whether the sound comes from the northern or southern part or your woods or yard.
  • Listen to owl call audio recordings. Websites like features different owl calls. You just need a compatible plug-in media player like QuickTime to hear the sounds. The sound clips only need a little memory from your computer, and you don’t actually need to download them. Simply click the link and enjoy the owl calls.
  • Video clips. Perhaps Indiana Jones, Tarzan, or King Kong might have featured owls singing in the night. Get your ears working during the owl’s part and familiarize yourself with the sound.
  • YouTube. This website and similar websites have educational videos about owls. You certainly can hear the owl calls from the videos in their database. Simply play these videos and enjoy the owl calls.

If owls are amazing, wait until you hear their nice songs. You’ll not just hear them singing t-wit or t-woo. They can hoot, they can screech, and they cay definitely make different sounds. Some may be just singing for the peaceful night while some may be calling their long lost owl friend. There are many meanings why the owl calls. For sure, only the owls know what they are talking about.

In your case, you’re just an amazed fan of owl calls. Learning how they do their calls will be helpful not only in appreciating this bird species but to get familiarize with their unique language as well.

But if you will learn owl calls for birding and not ontology, then that will certainly require a different instruction. First, you need to forget everything that you have imagined about how an owl calls. When you already achieved that, you can start familiarizing the owl calls. People who are gifted with the perfect pitch can easily familiarize themselves with owl calls. But people who are not gifted can always learn how to do owl calls by constantly hearing these nice sounds.

For whatever purpose your learning of owl calls is for, what’s important is that in your heart, you are surely interested to enter the owls’ world. It can be easy if you naturally have a passion for owls. With your passion alone, you might just be able to attract owls to come to you. And who knows, they might just be willing to teach you the different owl calls yet to be discovered by ornithology.


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