How To Learn the Lindy Hop

The Lindy Hop is an American Jazz dance that was originated in the '20s, which was danced alongside of the era's big band music. It is difficult to learn the Lindy Hop without having some type of training in dance. The best way to see what the Lindy Hop is all about is to get some books and DVDs on it. A person can take a dance class in Lindy Hop, which will be beneficial because they will get to see how the steps are done up close. Also, going to a social club is helpful when learning the Lindy Hop. The music is very important when learning the Lindy Hop, such as swing music.

A person can learn many forms of dance at home, including the Lindy Hop. The only thing that they will need to do is to go to any retail store and look for some DVDs on learning how to Lindy Hop. The DVDs will show the novice, the basic steps of the Lindy Hop. They will be able to try some of the steps out at home before going to a dance studio. While the DVD is playing they will get to know the names of each step and how to do them. Even if they are doing the steps wrong, they will have some type of practice. Also, they will get to learn the tempo. The DVD will have the big band music playing in the background.

Most bookstores will have a selection of dance-related books available. It shouldn't be too hard to find one on the Lindy Hop. Once the person finds a book of their choice, they can take it home and read through it. The book will have the name of each step. Also, they may have sample steps in the book, where it will illustrate where the feet and hands should be. A novice can practice over and over again until they get the hang of the steps. It is good to have some swing music to go along with the steps to learn timing. It can be purchased at any retail or music store.

Learning the Lindy Hop at home can be a challenge for someone without dance training. The next best thing is to look in the yellow pages for dance studios, specifically for ones that offer the Lindy Hop. Most dance teachers will allow people to watch in on a class before deciding to take a class.

Another thing that is beneficial is to attend social clubs where the Lindy Hop and other social dances can be learned. Other people at the social club can help the novice while they’re in the process of learning the Lindy Hop. Veteran Lindy Hop dancers are more than happy to help a novice on their journey.


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