How To Learn the Way Around RuneScape

RuneScape is a popular online role playing game.  It is comprised of playing different quests in order to gain magic runes, weaponry and other items that have value.  RuneScape has many different worlds so it can be confusing to learn how to get around the first time you play the game.

The first thing you want to do after signing up to play is take the tutorial.  The tutorial is there to show you how to move through the game and how to select and use items, how to fight and just mainly how to get around within the game.

Next you will want to open the World Map which is on the sign in page. You can click inside the map and if you drag it with your mouse, you can search all of RuneScape.

For the next step you are going to follow the mini map that is located in the upper right-hand corner of the game.  Look for the white square on the map because that is you.  The yellow dots on the screen are there for you to request help.  Watch out for the red dots because they are enemies and they can hurt you.

Now you will need to go to the Grand Exchange which is in Varrock.  There you can buy, sell or trade your goods and any information you have and also bank your items to come back for later.  The people at the Grand Exchange like to interact with each other and are very helpful.

If you need help from another player, right click on the player and choose “request assist” from the menu.  Try to choose players you have already met.  A lot of times, strangers don’t like to help people they haven’t met yet.

You can also talk to the shopkeepers in the game for help.  You can find a shopkeeper in each town in every world.  They have limited help because they are computer generated.

There are many wizards throughout the game.  You will know they are a wizard because they wear robes and have pointy looking hats.  Ask them for help.  Because they are also computer generated, they are limited in what they know but they can still help you find your way around RuneScape.

Anytime you get lost, you can teleport to Lumbridge.  To do this, click the spell book that you have in your inventory list.  After clicking on the spell book, click on the “H” which is for home. You can find Lumbridge in the center of RuneScape.

And there you have it!  If you utilize the above steps and take your time, you will know your way around the game RuneScape in no time and soon will be a master player! Have fun!


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